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FileType, version 1.5, is a useful utility that will make an educated guess as to the type of a file.
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FileType, version 1.5, is a useful utility that will make an educated guess as to the type of a file.
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FileType v1.5 - Copyright (c) 1990-91 Cliff Peterson - CompuServe ID 72077,342

FT [/-switches] [drive:][path][filename.ext]

File Specifications:
filename.ext - Single file
*.* - All files in the current directory
*.exe - All executables in the current directory
C:\BIN - All files in the C:\BIN directory
All of the DOS wildcard characters are supported

/? - List supported file formats
/d - Documentation
-p - Pause output

Currently support file formats:
Ability Graphics v1.0
Ability Word Processing v1.0
Ability Communications v1.0
Ability Spreadsheet v1.0
Ability Database v1.0
ARJ Archive v0.15
Computer Graphics Metafile
Data Interchange Format
dBase II Database
dBase Memo
dBase III+ Database w/ Memo
dBase III+ Database
Deluxe Paint
Diet v1.00
DisplayWrite II/III Text
DOS Text
DOS 3.2- Batch
DOS 3.3+ Batch
Dr. Halo Palette
EGA Paint
Enable/OA Word Processing
Enable Word Processing 2.15
Enable Macro
Enable Database
Enable Spreadsheet
Enable Word Processing 2.0
Enable Teleprocessing
Encapsulated Postscript
Excel Chart
Excel Macro
Excel Spreadsheet
Executable (Windows) Program
Executable Program
Executable Program
Framework II
Graphics Interchange Format 87
Graphics Interchange Format 89
Harvard Graphics Chart
Harvard Graphics Palette
Harvard Graphics Symbol
IBM Plans
LHarc Archive
Lotus 123 v2.x/Symphony v1.1
Lotus 123 v1.0/1A Spreadsheet
Lotus Symphony 1.0
LZEXE v0.91
LZEXE v0.90
Microsoft Symbolic Link
Microsoft Paint
NetWare Loadable Module
PAK Archive
PC Paint Brush
PKARC Archive
PKLite v1.03
PKLite v1.00
PKPAK Archive
PKZip Archive
Plain Text
Quattro Spreadsheet
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
Reflex v1.0/1.1
Reflex v1.14
Rich Text Format
Run-Length Encoded
Super Project Plus
Super Data Interchange
SuperCalc Spreadsheet
Symphony v1.0
System Driver Modules
Tag Image File Format
Windows Write
Wordperfect Video Resource
Wordperfect Printer Resource
Wordperfect Keyboard
Wordperfect Thesaurus
Wordperfect Display Resource
Wordperfect Dictionary
Wordperfect 4.x Document
Wordperfect Graphics
Wordperfect Help
Wordperfect Printer Resource
Wordperfect Overlay
Wordperfect Macro
Wordperfect 5.x Document
Wordstar 2000 Document
XyWrite Document
ZOO Archive

FileType documentation:
FileType is a DOS utility that will make an educated guess as to the type
of a file. Most programs, applications, and/or data files have very
distinctive patterns in the first 3-32 bytes of the file. These patterns
allow FileType to calculate the type/format of the file. If you have a
file that FileType does not recognize and would like it included, please
contact me at the address below or through CompuServe. We'll make
arrangements to get me some sample files and I will try to integrate them
into FileType's known patterns.
FileType is a FreeWare product, although, I would like to know who is
using it. All I ask is that you register it! Here is the catch: My 4
year old daughter (Rachel) loves to get mail, so if you use FileType,
PLEASE send a post card of your city to the address below. This will let
me know that someone actually likes and uses it and Rachel will be
thrilled to see the pictures! PLEASE include your name, address, and
phone or CompuServe ID! Help support the FreeWare concept by sending in
your registration post card today.

To register FileType, please send a picture post card of your city to:

Rachel Peterson
c/o Cliff Peterson
P.O. Box 1890
Germantown, MD 20875-1890

Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks for your support!

1.0 12/01/90 - Initial release.
1.1 12/14/90 - Added DOS 3.2- DOS Batch Files.
- Added DOS 3.3+ DOS Batch Files.
- Added LZEXE v0.91.
- Added PKLite v1.00.
1.2 01/11/91 - Revised PKLite v1.00.
- Added ARJ Archive v0.15.
- Added DIET v1.00.
- Added LZEXE v0.90.
- Added PKLite v1.03.
1.3 02/07/91 - Reformatted output to look similar to the DIR command.
- Added recognition of DOS redirection.
- Added the /p switch for paused output.
1.4 02/05/91 - Ooops... distributed by accident... sorry!
1.5 03/07/91 - Fixed DOS redirection (wasn't working).
- Fixed DOS redirection so that no "FileType v1.5" header.
is printed in the redirected output.
- Added Directory Recognition (e.g. FT C:\DOS, FT ..,
FT UTILITY, etc.).
- Added Plain Text files. These are files with characters
between 20h and 80h, and/or 9h, Dh, Ah, Ch, and 1Ah
- Added ASCII files. These are files with characters
between 0h and 80h inclusive.
- Added DOS Text files. These are files with characters
between 9h and F6h inclusive.
- Added Bitmaps.
- Added Hardard Graphics Chart
- Added Harvard Graphics Palette
- Added Hardard Graphics Symbol
- Added NetWare Loadable Module.
- Added Wordperfect Dictionary.
- Added Wordperfect Display Resource.
- Added Wordperfect Graphics.
- Added Wordperfect Help.
- Added Wordperfect Keyboard.
- Added Wordperfect Macro.
- Added Wordperfect Overlay.
- Added Wordperfect Printer Resource.
- Added Wordperfect Thesaurus.
- Added Wordperfect Video Resource.
- Changed some common extensions (See future notes below).
- Fixed Tag Image File Format (works now!).

o Adding the capability to test for a specific file type (i.e., using a
batch file) and returning an errorlevel. This will require specific
"common extensions" for each type of file. I will try to use ones
that I believe are in common use already (e.g., WP5 for Wordperfect
v5.0), but if anyone has some specific requests... let me know.
o Adding the display of information about a particular file type (e.g.,
GIF and PCX files will also display the size and color resolution).
o Any ideas!?

Thanks to all of you that registered! Please upload FileType anywhere you can.
Leave EMail on CompuServe if you have any suggestions!

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