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TranScan v1.12 shell for Virus Scan within archives.
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TranScan v1.12 shell for Virus Scan within archives.
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Contents of the TRANSCAN.DOC file


8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 1


TranScan UnCompresses ARC, ARJ, DWC, HYP, ICE, LZH, PAK, SDN,
ZIP, and ZOO, files (ten types in all). TranScan then Scans
those files for viruses using ViruScan by McAfee Associates.
TranScan then Compresses those files again using your choice of
the Compression Programs listed above. If ZIP is chosen it will
add your Zip Comment file to the File. If ARJ is chosen it will
add your ARJ Comment file to the File.

Special Features:

o TranScan can process one file, a directory of files, or a
list of files contained in a text file.

o TranScan can convert the files to your compression method of
choice right away or if you choose you can have it only Scan
them for viruses and write the names to a list file for
later processing. This is useful if you want the files
Scanned after upload but prefer to have them Compressed
during daily maintenance.

o TranScan searches your Path for the external files it needs
and then only supports those types of compressions it finds
support files for. (For example: If you do not have ARJ.EXE
located in your path, TranScan will not be able to support
*.ARJ files.

o TranScan also deletes files from the archive if the filename
is in a TextFile called JUNKFILE.LST. If JunkFile.lst does
not exist TranScan creates it with COMMAND.COM as the only
Junk File listed (you don't need extra copies of

o Files may be date stamped using the Original file date, the
date of the Latest file in the compressed file, or the
Current system date.

o TranScan has an optional SelectiveScan feature that causes
it to only scan new files added to a directory. This allows
SysOps running Wildcat v1+ or v2+ to scan their upload
directories after every call without reScanning every file.

o TranScan has a log features that lets you review TranScan's
processing at a later time. The detailed log lets you know
the file size before and after TranScanning. It also tells
you how long the process took.

o TranScan uses ZC200.EXE to add your ZipComments
Automatically. TranScan also adds ArjComments Automatically.
(Registered version only).

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 2

o TranScan supports Encryption Authenticity verification in
ZIP files. It ads '-AV' to listing if you have a registered
version of PkZip.Exe.

o TranScan writes ScanFile.Bad at the end of processing if the
Uploaded file has ANY problems. It deletes ScanFile.Bad if
no problems occurred and ScanFile.Bad exists. This file is
used by WildCat v3.0 to determine if "Scan after Upload" was

o Configuration File attached to TranScan.Exe file so you
don't need to keep track of another file.

Command Line:

TRANSCAN [fileName] [-Switch]


Switches must be preceded by a hyphen '-' or back-slash '/'.
Switches include:

-C ReCompress all files after Scanning using
this method. Valid methods include: ARC,
NONE. If NONE is selected TranScan will
write a list of files scanned to TRANSCAN.LST
for later processing.

-D Process this entire directory described by

-F Process the files listed in TRANSCAN.LST.

-F Process the files listed in this text file
(include full path and name).

-J This is the Text file containing the list of
filenames you do not want included with the
file as it is ReCompressed. This is helpful
to delete unwanted extra files like
TranScan will look for JUNKFILE.LST in the
same directory as TRANSCAN.EXE if this switch
is not used. If it cannot find JUNKFILE.LST
it will create it for you with COMMAND.COM
listed as the only Junk File. Use your ASCII
editor to add other file names to this file.

-L This switch defines which file you want your
Log entries written to. You may want them
printed to your ACTIVITY.LOG for example.

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 3

-N This displays the Programs Needed by TranScan
for full operation and it checks those
programs it has found in your Path. (must be
the only switch).

-S This SelectiveScan switch instructs TranScan
to look for the file TRANSCAN.DID in the
directory it is to process. This file
contains a list of all the files in that
directory that TranScan has already
processed. It will only process files it
does not find in the list and it adds all the
files it processes to the list.

-T This TimeStamp switch instructs TranScan on
how to date the finished file.
-TO for Original File Date
-TL for Date of Latest File in the file
-TC for Current System Date

-X This switch tells TranScan to NOT re-compress
a file that is already compressed with the
method of choice. (For example: if -cZIP -x
is selected TranScan will not Re-Zip ZIP

-Z This points to the Comment file you wish
added to all ZIPs and ARJs (works for
registered users only). You can also point
to the Comment file by including a ZIPCOMNT
variable in your environment. To do this add
the following line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:
SET ZIPCOMNT=\path\fileName

-! If you have a REGISTERED version of PKZIP you
can include this switch on the command line.
This switches Authenticity Verification ON
while PKZIP processes your files. See the
Manual that comes with PKZIP for more

-? Displays a simple Help Screen (must be the
only switch).

Exit Errorlevels:

10 DOS ERROR! Check Log File for Explanation!

5 Error on Command Line!

4 Error Detected during Compression!

3 Error Detected during Virus Scan!

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 4

2 Error Detected during UnCompression!


0 Program Terminated Normally! No Virus Detected!

Other Programs Required by TranScan:

TranScan uses the SCAN.EXE program by McAfee Associates to test
each file for viruses. You should have SCAN.EXE in a directory
pointed to by your PATH statement. Be sure that you have the
latest copy of SCAN.EXE because it keeps changing as new Viruses
are detected.

TranScan also executes several programs to UnCompress and
Compress files. You should have the following programs in a
directory pointed to by your PATH statement:

PKZIP.EXE & PKUNZIP.EXE for processing *.ZIP files.
LHARC.EXE for processing *.LZH files.
ICE.EXE for processing *.ICE files.
PAK.EXE for processing *.PAK files.
PKPAK.EXE & PKUNPAK.EXE for processing *.ARC files.
ZOO.EXE for processing *.ZOO files.
HYPER.EXE for processing *.HYP files.
ARJ.EXE for processing *.ARJ files.

TranScan will operate if you do not have one of these files, it
will just not be able to UnCompress files with that extension or
Compress them using that extension.

TranScan also looks for ZC.EXE in the current path to add Zip-
Comments to your Zip files. If you have this file you will
should include the following line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:

SET ZIPCOMNT=path where path is the path and filename of your
Zip Comment File.


This batch file is called after every upload in Wildcat v3.00 to
provide virus checking. It may be located in the HOME directory
or in the NONE WORK directory.

@Echo Off
TRANSCAN %1 -CNONE -TL -Zc:\util\comment.fil
rem ^| ^^^|^^ ^|^ ^^^^^^^^^^|^^^^^^^^^^
rem | | | +-- Add ZIPcomment
rem | | +-- TimeStamp file with Latest Date
rem | +-- Do Not Recompress File / Scan Only!
rem +------- File Name Supplied by Wildcat!

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 5

TranScan will erase SCANFILE.BAD if it exists and will create
SCANFILE.BAD if any problems are detected with the Upload.
Wildcat uses SCANFILE.BAD to set the "Failed Scan" switch in the
file record. If the file failed the scan Wildcat will not allow
access to the file in any way.

Example CAT.BAT section for WC v1+ and v2+:

TRANSCAN -S -CNONE -TL -Zc:\util\comment.fil
rem ^| ^^^|^^ ^| ^^^^^^^^^^|^^^^^^^^^^
rem | | | +-- Add ZIPcomment
rem | | +-- TimeStamp file with Latest Date
rem | +-- Do Not Recompress File / Scan Only!
rem +------- SelectiveScan only NEW files

Example AFTRMAIL.BAT section for checking INBOUND files:

TRANSCAN -CZIP -TC -X -Zc:\util\comment.fil
rem ^^|^^ ^|^ ^| ^^^^^^^^^^|^^^^^^^^^^
rem | | | +-- Add ZIPcomment
rem | | +-- eXclude ReZIPping ZIP files
rem | +-- TimeStamp file with Current Date
rem +-- Compress all files using ZIP

Command Line Examples:

TRANSCAN -Dc:\uploads\ -Lc:\wildcat\node1\activity.log -CNONE

Process ALL files in C:\UPLOADS\ directory. Write Log Entries to
C:\WILDCAT\NODE1\ACTIVITY.LOG. Do not ReCompress the file!

TRANSCAN -Dc:\telix\downloads\ -Lc:\telix\scan.log -CLZH -TC

Process ALL files in C:\TELIX\DOWNLOADS\ directory. Write Log
Entries to C:\TELIX\SCAN.LOG. Change all files to LZH
compression after Scanning. TimeStamp the files with the Current
system date.


Process ALL files listed in the text file TRANSCAN.LST. Change
all files to ZIP compression after Scanning. TimeStamp the files
with the Original Compressed File Date. Write Authenticity
Verification to the files as they are ZIPped. eXclude processing
of files that are already ZIPped (Note: if the -X switch is used
with the -! switch your Authenticity Verification will NOT be
stamped to files that are already in the ZIP format).

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 6


Change to directory \ZIP\A and process ALL files in that


This program is distributed as SHAREWARE. Under this concept you
may use the SHAREWARE (UnRegistered) version for a reasonable
period of time, which I consider to be 30 days, after which you
must register your copy or discontinue usage all together.


This program is provided "as is" without any warranty of any
kind. The entire risk of using this program is assumed by you.
I suggest you backup your files before using all programs to
prevent unrecoverable damage.


With registration you will receive access to download or File
Request any further updates from THE COMPUTER POST at no extra
cost. Cost to register this program is only $15. To register
complete the attached registration form.

Additional Features of Registered Version:

o Add ZIP Comment to files at time of Re-Compressing.

Features to be added in later additions:

o Processing Compressed Files within another compressed file.

o Support for Temporary Drive for UnCompressing and

o Full Configuration Process -- Currently only support Command
Line Options.


You are free, in fact encouraged, to distribute the SHAREWARE
(UnRegistered) version of this program in the original archive in
absolute original unmodified form.

Files Included in Archive:

TRANSCAN.EXE This is the executable file.

TRANSCAN.DOC This document file.

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 7

PROGRAM.LST List of Programs by Craig E. Dunstan.


o Wildcat! (tm) (c) Mustang Software, Bakersfield, CA.

o These programs were written using Turbo Pascal 5.5 from
Boreland International, Scotts Valley, CA.

o Viruscan (c) 1989-1991 by McAfee Associates.

o ZC (c) by Jeff Garzik.

o PkPak, PkUnPak, PkZip (tm), and PkUnZip (tm) (c) 1986-1989
by Phillip W. Katz, PKWARE Inc.

o LHarc and LHice (c) 1988-1989 by Haruyasu Yoshisaki.

o Pak (c) 1988-1989 by NoGate Consulting.

o Zoo (c) 1988 by Rahul Dhesi.

o Arj (c) 1990-1991 by Robert K. Jung.

o Hyper (c) 1989-1990 by P. Sawatzki & K.P. Nischke.

o DWC (c) 1986-90 by Dean W. Cooper.

Latest Known Versions of External Programs are:

Compressed File Version Exe File Explanation
--------------- ------- ------------ ----------------------
SCANV80.ZIP 80 SCAN.EXE Virus Scan Program by
ZC200.ZIP 2.00 ZC.EXE Writes Zip Comments
ARJ220.EXE 2.20 ARJ.EXE Process *.arj files
DWC-A510.EXE 5.10 DWC.EXE Process *.dwc files
HYPER25.EXE 2.5 HYPER.EXE Process *.hyp files
LH113C.EXE 1.13c LHARC.EXE Process *.lzh files
LHA212.EXE 2.12 LHA.EXE Process *.lzh files
? 1.14 ICE.EXE Process *.ice files
PAK251.EXE 2.51 PAK.EXE Process *.pak & *.sdn
PK361.EXE 3.61 PKPAK.EXE &
PKUNPAK.EXE Process *.arc files
PKUNZIP.EXE Process *.zip files
ZOO201.EXE 2.01 ZOO.EXE Process *.zoo files

Special Thanks to the following Beta Testers:

o Rick Emmick (Fido 1:102/592)

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 8

o Mark Tetrault (Fido 1:132/169)

o Jerry Arnold (Fido 1:2220/70)

o Brian Morison (Fido 1:324/280)

Technical Support:

The author is available to provide technical support if you have
problems with TRANSCAN. You may contact Craig Dunstan 24 hours a
day at THE COMPUTER POST BBS (507) 345-3075. Or you can send
Netmail Messages to FIDO 1:14/779.


TranScan monitors the ErrorLevel Code returned by all external
programs called and records these codes in the TranScan.Log. The
following is an explanation of each of the ErrorLevels for each
external program supported:

ARJ.EXE (Arj200.exe):

0 Success
1 Warning (specified file to add to archive not found or
specified file to list, extract, etc., not found)
2 Fatal Error
3 CRC error (header or file CRC error)
4 ARJ-SECURITY error or attempt to update an ARJ-SECURED
5 Disk full or write error
6 Can't open archive or file
7 simple user error (bad parameters)
8 not enough memory

HYPER.EXE (Hyper25.exe):

0 Normal Exit
1 Nothing to do
2 Archive Error
3 Compression Error
4 Memory Error
5 CheckSum Error
14 Disk Full
98 Error Creating Archive
101 Input Error
102 Output Error
255 Control-C pressed

LHARC (Lh113c.exe):

0 Normally finished.

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 9

1 Process finished with nonexistent file names ignored during
archiving or CRC error occurred during un-archiving.
2 Process terminated by gatal error; no archive created or
files moved.
3 Unable to write temporary files into the archive. Work file
renamed to 'LHARC.)2(' and original archive deleted. Try
renaming LHARC.)2) as your archive, although it might be

PAK (Pak210.exe):

0 No Error
1 CRC error in file or file missing
2 Out of memory
7 Disk error

PKPAK & PKUNPAK (Pk361.exe) and PKXARC (Pkxarc.exe):

0 No Error
1 Bad CRC, file is not an archive, unknown compression method,
can't create a file, squeeze table is invalid or no files
found to extract.
2 Out of memory
3 No archives found to extract
4 Can't open archive file
5 Read error on archive
6 Internal table overflow
7 Disk full

PKZIP (Pkz110.exe)

0 No Error
1 Bad file name or file specification
2,3 Error in ZIP file
4-11 Insufficient Memory
12 No files were found to add to the ZIP file, or no files were
specified for deletion
13 File not found
14 Disk full
15 ZIP file is read-only and can not be modified
16 Bad or illegal parameters specified
17 Too many files

PKUNZIP (Pkz110.exe):

0 No error
1 Warning error (such as failed CRC check)
2,3 Error in ZIP file
4-8 Insufficient Memory
9 File not found. No ZIP files found.
10 Bad or illegal parameters specified.
11 No files found to extract/view etc.
50 Disk full
51 Enexpected EOF in ZIP file

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 10

SCAN.EXE (Scanv80.zip):

0 No viruses found
1 One or more viruses found
2 Abnormal termination (program error)

I do not have the ErrorLevel codes for LHA212.EXE or
ZOO200.EXE. If anyone has a list of these for me I will be
sure to include them in the next revision of these DOCs.


1.12 8/19/91 First TranScan Release to the Public!

1.11 7/25/91 Added support for *.SDN files using PAK v2.51.
Added support for *.DWC files using DWC.EXE.

1.10 7/24/91 ReWrote Manual
Fully implemented TimeStamp feature
Added SelectiveScan Switch (/S)
Added Needed Files Display Switch (/N)
Added Help Display Switch (/?)
Added support for ARJ Comments
Set maximum compression for ZIP and ARJ files
Added /Nopause and /Sub commands to SCAN routine

1.09 7/23/91 ReWrote "Write to Com Port" procedures
Added TimeStamp Switch

1.08 7/19/91 Added "Write to Com Port" procedures

1.07 7/17/91 Added support for LHA.EXE the new version of LHarc.
Added Port Switch (/P)
Optimized Code

1.06 7/15/91 Major Code ReWrite...Runs MUCH Faster!

1.05 7/14/91 Changed to ZC.EXE for writing Zip Comments
Added Shareware and Programs Needed Screens

1.04 7/11/91 Big Bug Fix
Added eXclude switch (/X)

1.03 7/11/91 Added checking for support files needed
Improved ZipComment routines.

1.02 7/9/91 Improved TranScan log format
Added support for ZipComments
Added support for *.HYP files
Minor Bug fixes

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 11

1.01 7/8/91 Added support for *.ARJ files
Minor Bug fixes

1.00 7/7/91 TranScan released for BETA testing

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

8/19/91 TRANSCAN v1.12 Page 12


If you like what TRANSCAN can do and haven't registered then print
this registration form out and send it along with $15.00 to: Craig E.
Dunstan, 235 Jaycee Ct. #104, Mankato, MN 56001.



City:_____________________ State:_______ Zip:____________________

BBS Name:________________________________________________________

BBS PHONE NO:____________________________________________________

Fido Address (if applicable): ___:______/_______

If you would like to be pre-registered on THE COMPUTER POST please
provide the following information:

Name To Use:______________________ Password:_____________________





Registration for TRANSCAN v1.12..............$15.00

Copyright 1991 by Craig E. Dunstan -- ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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