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File fingerprint Version 2.0. Shows CRC16, CRC32, size, checksum.
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File fingerprint Version 2.0. Shows CRC16, CRC32, size, checksum.
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FINGER01.COM 1387 1327 deflated
FINGER02.COM 1531 1468 deflated
FINGER03.COM 1355 1287 deflated
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Contents of the FNGRPRN2.DOC file

FINGERxx.COM File fingerprint utility
Version 2.0 October 15, 1990
Copyright 1990 Les Moskowitz; ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Syntax: FINGER01 [filename]
or FINGER02 [filename]
or FINGER03 [filename]

The three files (FINGER01, FINGER02 and FINGER03) will produce identical

FINGER01.COM uses code meant for machines using the 8088 or 80286 CPU;
it can be run on a 386 machine, but it does not take advantage of the
additional programming capabilities of the 386.

FINGER02.COM can be used on an 8088, 80286 or 80386 CPU. The program
determines which CPU is being used, and if it is an 80386 machine, it
takes advantage of the additional speed obtained by using a 32 bit
processor instead of a 16 bit processor.

FINGER03.COM can only be used by a 80386 CPU. No testing is done, and
if the program is attempted on a PC or XT computer, the computer will
probably hang.

The (optional) filename is the DOS filename (including optional wildcards
* and ?, and/or path, if necessary). If no path is indicated, the current
directory is assumed. If no filename is given, *.* is assumed. Hidden
and system files matching the filename will also be processed.

This program will give a fingerprint of all requested files, showing,
for each file:
File size Decimal representation.
File checksum Decimal representation.
CRC-16 value Hex representation (used by ARC, PAK and LHARC
compression utilities)
CRC-32 value Hex representation (used by ZIP compression
and ZMODEM file transfer utilities)


Sample OUTPUT:

Name Size Checksum CRC-32 CRC-16
============ ======= ========== ======== ======
FINGER01COM 1,387 180,028 59EDF21D 3EAB
FINGER02 COM 1,531 203,228 9BF09568 268B
FINGER03 COM 1,355 173,159 8101580A 511C
============ ======= ========== ======== ======
3 files 4,273 556,415 76DEDF8F B652

Like a fingerprint, the combination of these four values is absolutely
unique for any file. It is possible (but difficult) to change a file
and still keep the same value for the first two and either of the next
two items; it is impossible to keep the same value for all four.

By keeping a fingerprint record of crucial files, one can determine if
those files have become corrupted, either by accident or by malicious
intent, at some later date.


These programs have been carefully tested and appears to work properly on
my computer. However, I make no guarantees. By using the program, you
assume all risks associated with such use. In no event, will I be
liable for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other
incidental or consequential damages arising out of your use or inability
to use the program.

Les Moskowitz
P O Box 73
Stevenson Md 21153

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