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Generic AT setup routine. Works with most AT compatible's.
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Generic AT setup routine. Works with most AT compatible’s.
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Contents of the ATSETUP.DOC file

AT Setup Utility
Copyright 1989 by David Albert

This utility is for use with IBM ATs and AT clone systems (Not for PCs or XTs).

All AT compatible computers store certain bits of information in a special area
called "CMOS Parameter RAM". The information stays in this area even when you
turn off your system thanks to a small battery inside the computer. The
information lets the computer know what kind of display you are using, what kind
of floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, etc. In other words, the CMOS RAM
stores the hardware configuration of your computer.

There are two circumstances when you will need to change this information:

1) When setting up a new system or changing an old one
2) When the battery runs out.

In either case, you must have a utility that will allow you to change these
configuration settings. IBM provides such a utility with their AT systems on
the AT Setup disk. However, it is difficult to use. Many clones do not come
with any Setup utility at all!

The purpose of this AT Setup utility is simply to provide an easy way to check
and change the CMOS parameter RAM settings for IBM ATs and compatibles.

For Those Interested:
AT Setup was originally written in FST Modula-2. Version 2.0 was
re-written in JPI's Topspeed Modula-2. Both are excellent compilers
and well worth trying. (The FST compiler is Shareware!)

Release 2.0 of the AT Setup utility offers the following improvements:

- 50% reduction in program size.
- Looks up hard drive parameters in BIOS ROM allowing
use of extended drive types up to 49.
- Offers more choices for Extended memory configuration.

As always, I invite POLITE suggestions as to how this program can be improved.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me by phone
at (212) 737-3184 or by mail at:

Digital Engineering
Box 6900
Alexandria, VA 22306-0900

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