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YOURSYS - gives detailed information about your computer system.
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YOURSYS – gives detailed information about your computer system.
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Contents of the YOURSYS.DOC file

--==[ YOURSYS Version 1.2 ]==--

Copyright (C) 1990,1991 by Gateway Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Written by Philippe Rabergeau

This utility generates a report of your system.
I use this utility to help me for the technical support of my software.
Please, report to me, every error and mistake you find and send me a
copy of this report.

If you want a personalized version of this utility in order to help
with the technical support of your software, let me know.


N.B.: The BBS Distribution file must be named YSYS12.ZIP or YSYS12.EXE

YOURSYS.DOC .... This file!
YOURSYS.EXE .... The program

Usage: (Type at the command line)
To display on the screen ............... YOURSYS

To display on the screen with pause .... YOURSYS | MORE

To copy in to a file ................... YOURSYS >FILENAME.EXT

To print ............................... YOURSYS >PRN

What's New with this version:
Version 1.2:
- Now that I develop Windows 3.0 applications, I have add the
printout of your SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI files.
- Also added info regarding HIMEM XMS Driver.
Note: don't be concerned with the delay to compute the total memory
available, this is normal and your screen will refresh when
- Display Expanded and Extended Memory (BIOS) information only if
- Redesigned the Memory map.

Enjoy using YOURSYS,

For more info, here is my business card:

Gateway Software, Inc.
Videotex Software Development

Philippe Rabergeau

Genie: P.RABERGEAU 61 East 8th Street
Prodigy: WNWB44A Suite 128
Compuserve: 73567,2755 New York, NY 10003

Association of
o Professionals


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