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Displays information about your EMS Manager.
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Displays information about your EMS Manager.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

An Expanded Memory Utility

EMS Status v1.1 update notes:
bug fixed for EMS Name fixed
TopView, DesqView, & MS Windows Compatible


EMS.COM gives you 11 pieces of information about your EMS Manager.

1. EMS version
2. Page frame address
3. Free System Pages
4. Total System Pages
5. Page Map Info Buffer Size
6. Total Expanded Memory
7. Free Expanded Memory
8. Volatile / Non Volatile EMS (Stays on a cold boot)

EMS Version 4.0 and above only

9. Total Handles Used
10. Total System Handles
11. A listing of all used handles with handle number,name and size

In EMS Version 4.0 Managers EMS.COM creates a file called "HANDLES.EMS" in the
directory in which it was called. This file contains a listing of the used
EMS handles.

I have tested the program in the following conditions:

386SX 16MHz
AMI Bios w/Chips & Technologies Neat Chipset
VGA BW Monitor
(2) Seagate ST157A Hardisks
640 Conventional Memory
Video / BIOS Shadow RAM
2 Megs RAM on motherboard 2(1M X 9 SIMM)
3 Megs RAM on AST Advantage Board (256k chips)
2 Megs RAM on MegaBit Board 18(1M x 1 DIP)

I tested the program using four different combinations:

1. Using QEMM386.SYS as an EMS Driver
With the two memory boards set to extended memory

2. Using the EMS40.SYS which comes with the
MegaBit Board. (QEMM386.SYS set to no EMS)

3. Using the NEATEMM.SYS driver and setting the
EMS enable Bit in the XCMOS

4. On a AST 286 Premuium with the AST REMM.SYS
driver and 1 Meg EMS RAM.

Sample Screens with DesqView 386 v2.26 running

EMS Status V1.1
All Rights Reserved Copyright (c) 1992
By, Charles N. Jackson, III

EMS Version = 4.0
Page Frame = c000
Free System Pages = 24
Total System Pages = 31
Page Map Info Buffer Size = 124
Total Expanded Memory = 507904
Total Free Expanded Memory = 393216
Supports Volatile EMS Handles Only

Total Handles Used = 10
Total System Handles = 64

Press ESC to exit or any other key to view handles

EMS Status V1.1
All Rights Reserved Copyright (c) 1992
By, Charles N. Jackson, III

Handle Listing
Handle Name Total Pages Volatile
- - - -
0 0000 FALSE
1 HMA 0004 FALSE
2 EMB2 0064 FALSE
3 EMB3 0128 FALSE
4 EMB4 0006 FALSE
5 XDV:hiDV 0002 FALSE
11 0001 FALSE
12 DV:Win2 0036 FALSE
13 EMB13 0006 FALSE
23 EMB23 0002 FALSE

Press F10 to exit or use arrow keys to scroll

Charles N. Jackson, III
CompuServ 70302, 253

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