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Protect your PC from unauthorized use -- easy password program.
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Protect your PC from unauthorized use — easy password program.
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Contents of the USE.DOC file

USE v 3.0 !!

Written by Robby Cherry

System Requirments:

Use is a small program that requires hardly no memery.
Use works better off of a hard drive system. The program
is started up when the system is booted, and does not allow
you to go any further until sucessfull completion of the
program. If you have a floppy based system, use may be worthless
UNLESS you only have one boot disk avalible to your users!

Installing USE v 3.0:

Installation is simple. copy the following files onto
your root directory:

Add the following line to your autoexec.bat file.

Please amke sure you make a back-up copy of your autoexec.bat
file before modifying it!

To change the password, use your text editor and modify
the file "WORD". This file should contain only one line of
text. The line may contain any numbers or charecter that can be
entered from your keyboard. You may include spaces.

Using USE v 3.0:

When the program starts, you will be asked to enter your name.
Then your will have to supply the password you chose in the text
file "WORD". If the correct password was entered, the program
will terminate, allowing you to drop to DOS. If the incorrect
password was keyed in, the program will loop. There is no way
out of this loop, other than a re-boot! Which causes the USE
program to be re-loaded.

To view the people who have entered your computer, just type
this at the dos prompt:


You will get a list of the name the user entered, the time, and
the date that they gained access to the system. If a user was
denied access to the system there name will not be included in the
list. (The registered verison contains a denied listing!) This
file may be deleted any time. If deleted, the USE v 3.0 will create


Make sure that you have enough disk space for the "ENTERED"
file to grow. Errors will accur if disk space is not found.

Place the USE.EXE toward the beginning of your autoexe.bat
file. It is best to place it before PATHS and the device
drivers and before the prompt string. This makes it harder for
the user to abort the batch file. Once the Use program is
started, you can't abort it!

You must keep your system time and date set. This way if a
user does not user his/her real name, you still got what time they
logon on.

Any question comments or suggestion; you can reach the
author on Robby's Den BBS 703-372-3420.

Registration is only $5.00. You will receive an updated
version of USE. One feature include a listing of who was
denied access to the system! For further registration info,
see the order.frm file!

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