Dec 052017
File BIOS32X.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category System Diagnostics
A huge database of BIOS signatures. Compare yours, and if it is not in the database, you can send it in for the next release.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BIOSSIG.DBA 129497 25963 deflated
BIOSSIG.DOC 14663 4248 deflated
BIOSSIG.EXE 52529 50605 deflated
BIOSSIG.SCR 2067 599 deflated
BIOSSIG1.SCR 2248 607 deflated
BIOSSIG2.SCR 1363 396 deflated
BIOSXLAT.EXE 24732 23928 deflated
PROLOG.ERR 33438 9683 deflated
RAM_CAPT.COM 639 511 deflated
ROM_CAPT.COM 639 510 deflated
RUNME.BAT 4418 1901 deflated
SOURCES.TXT 2666 1272 deflated

Download File BIOS32X.ZIP Here

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