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New Virustop program designed to stop viruses detected by McAfee's Viruscan.
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New Virustop program designed to stop viruses detected by McAfee’s Viruscan.
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Contents of the VALIDATE.DOC file

VALIDATE Version 0.2
From McAfee Associates 408 988 3832

VALIDATE is a file authentication program that may be used to
check shareware and other software for signs of tampering. The
program uses two different methods to generate CRC checks for
designated files and displays the results. The dual CRC checks
ensures a high level of security. The results may then be compared
with validation data published by the author or obtained from any
reliable information source. The Computer Virus Industry
Association, for example, maintains an on-line validation service
for participating shareware authors. You may contact the CVIA
bulletin board at 408 988 4004 to access up-to-date validation data
for VIRUSCAN, SCANRES, SHEZ, LIST and other shareware programs.
You need only run VALIDATE against the program in question, obtain
the authentication numbers and compare those numbers to the ones
on file in the on-line data base. If they match, you can be
assured that the program has not been tampered with.

To run VALIDATE, type:

VALIDATE d:\path\filename.ext

The program will display the following validation information:

Size: (Number of Bytes)
Date: (File Creation Date)
File Authentication:
Check Method 1 - (4 digit CRC)
Check Method 2 - (4 digit CRC)

You may copy and distribute this program at no charge. We ask
that you distribute the program with this documentation. Please
report virus infection and verified instances of tampering to:

Computer Virus Industry Association
4423 Cheeney Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054
408 727 4559

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