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Virus protection program - Canary Yellow.
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Virus protection program – Canary Yellow.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CANARY.DAT 54678 14087 deflated
CANARY.EXE 110224 61170 deflated
CANARY.TXT 1358 567 deflated

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Contents of the CANARY.TXT file

For centuries, miners have brought a canary down into the mines with them. They do not do this for the company or for the music; they do it because a canary will die from small amounts of deadly gasses prior to the miner feeling adverse effects. Installed and used properly, The PC Canary may become infected by a computer virus and give you enough warning to eradicate the virus and recover before serious damage is done.
The PC Canary is a passive virus detector which gives an alarm when it or its data file becomes infected. The PC Canary scans for all types of computer virus that infect .exe programs or .dat files, ie., virtually all viruses. It is able to scan itself even for viruses that haven't been written yet, since it detects the effects of the virus, rather than the virus itself. The PC Canary is ShareWare. The files "Canary.exe" & "Canary.dat" are necessary for installation; please see the detailed internal instructions (run the program and press the [F1] key) for installation considerations.

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