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Fixes some common problems with the CMOS clock on older AT's.
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Fixes some common problems with the CMOS clock on older AT’s.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

These two files solved my clock problems on an AT. One routine fixed
the problem of the date not advancing at midnight, and the other fixes a
bug introduced by the first(?), namely, not reading the CMOS clock when
the system is booted up.

Put CLOCKF.SYS in whatever directory you keep your drivers, e.g.
C:\DRIVERS, and include the following in your CONFIG.SYS:


Put SETCLK.COM in a directory in your executable path, and execute

I grabbed these files quite a few months ago and suspect that only the
older AT systems are affected by the clock problems as I don't hear too
many requests for the solution anymore. I'm sorry I didn't keep all the
appropriate credits for these files, so there are two unrecognized
developers out there that have donated their efforts to these solutions.

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