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Memory resident program to protect read only files from viruses. Very small.
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Memory resident program to protect read only files from viruses. Very small.
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ALLPRO File Protection System 2.00
(c)1992 John A. Qualtrough Q-Ware Las Cruces, NM
All Rights Reserved.

Many people believe that making thier files and programs Read-Only will
prevent file infecting viruses from infiltrating thier files. This is not
true! It is a simple matter for a virus to make the file(s) Read-Write,
infect (or erase) them, and then set them back to Read-Only so that you never
know the infection occured. This is where ALLPRO can help. ALLPRO is a memory
resident file protection program which will monitor attempts to remove the
Read-Only attributes of files. If such an attempt is made, ALLPRO will
disallow the operation and the file will remain Read-Only. ALLPRO protects
all files (executable or data files) which have the Read-Only bit set while
ALLPRO is active.

Installing ALLPRO:

ALLPRO is a TSR which uses approx. 256-bytes of memory. It is installed
by simply typing: ALLPRO When first installed ALLPRO will become active
and protect all files that are Read-Only. You may make files Read-Only using
the DOS ATTRIB command or any number of other file attribute alteration
programs available. To use the DOS ATTRIB command try the following:


The above command will make ALL files in the current directory "Read-Only"
Wildcards (*,?) and single file names are acceptable as the file parameter.
You may check the attributes of files by typing:


This will display the attributes of all files in the current directory.
To remove the Read-Only attribute use -R instead of +R with the ATTRIB command.
If ALLPRO is installed and active, you will not be able to remove the
Read-Only attribute.

ALLPRO may be placed in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file so that your files are protected
automatically each time you use your computer.

Enabling & Disabling ALLPRO:

Included with ALLPRO are two utility programs which allow you to enable and
disable the ALLPRO protection at any time after ALLPRO is installed. These
utilities are:
APON.COM Enable ALLPRO file protection.
APOFF.COM Disable ALLPRO file protection.

At certain times it is desirable to disable ALLPRO if you need to change the
Read-Only bit of a file so that it can be modified, deleted, etc. To disable
ALLPRO, simply type: APOFF If ALLPRO is installed, you will see a message
indicating that ALLPRO protection is DISABLED. You may now change file
attributes normally. To turn protection on again, type: APON A message
will now be displayed indicating ALLPRO protection is ENABLED and actively
monitoring your file security. ALLPRO should be enabled anytime that you run
untested programs or programs from an unknown source.


Although ALLPRO was designed for maximum protection of your files, it will
only protect files that have the Read-Only bit set. It is generally good
practice to make all your DOS files (COM and EXE) Read-Only since these are
prime candidates for file infecting viruses. There are other methods of file
infection which ALLPRO may not be able to stop, but ALLPRO should certainly
be considered as part of a good anti-virus system. This can include file
CRC checking, periodic virus scanning with an updated scanner, and physical
security to prevent others from running untested software on your computer
without your knowledge.

ALLPRO is distributed as Shareware NOT Freeware. It may be copied and
distributed at no charge which exceeds the reasonable cost of the distribution
media. It may not be included in whole or in part as part of a hardware or
software system without express written permission from the author.
If you like this program and find it useful, you are asked to pay about
$10.00 for a registered copy. With registration, you will receive any pending
updates and a disk with many other utilities to make your PC a more useful tool.


Send Check, Money Order, or Cold Hard Cash to:

John A. Qualtrough
315 Linda Vista Rd.
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Include desired disk type and the current title and version of the software
which you are registering.

Questions or comments may be left on:
Waterfront West Wildcat! BBS
300 - 9600 BPS, 24Hrs
(505) - 523 - 4528
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