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Disable cache on 486 CPU.
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Disable cache on 486 CPU.
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Contents of the CACHE.DOC file

Disabling and Enabling the 80486 Internal Cache

These programs allow you to turn the 80486's internal cache on and off. Usually
your cache should be left enabled, but some software may not work with caching
enabled. In particular, Sierra and Dynamix games will not work correctly with
the CMS Sound Blaster if caching is enabled. Also, you can disable the cache
to slow down programs that run too fast on a 486. Origin's Wing Commander is
a good candidate for this, especially if you have a fast video board. I
disable the cache for both reasons with Dynamix's Stellar7.

My 486 runs about as fast as a 386 when I disable the internal cache. If I
disable the external cache as well (Do this in your BIOS setup), my 486 runs
about as fast as a 286.



icd - disables the internal cache
ice - enables the internal cache

Just type icd or ice at the dos prompt.

Warning: If you do not have an 80486, I don't know what will happen if you run
these, but it probably won't be good.


These programs are freeware, distribute as you like.
Send any comments to me (Michael Spertus - 70313,2520)

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