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Check For Trojans.
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Check For Trojans.
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Contents of the CHK4BOMB.DOC file

<<<=== CHecK 4 BOMB ===>>>

Version 1.00, October 29, 1985

This release of version 1.00 of CHK4BOMB begins a long-range attempt to place IN
ONE PROGRAM EVERYTHING we possibly can that helps check a suspect file for
"malice aforethought". As such, any and all suggestions for improvement are not
only welcomed, but encouraged.

TO INVOKE: Simply enter "CHK4BOMB " for a listing of:
(a) all ASCII strings, and
(b) potentially dangerous disk activity
in suspect program .

MESSAGES: The "potentially dangerous disk acitivity" which CHK4BOMB reports:
****WARNING**** This program writes to absolute sectors.
The possibility exists to overwrite important data.

****WARNING**** This program FORMATS a disk!
All data on the disk could be lost!

****WARNING**** This program uses the ROM BIOS routines for direct disk access!
This program COULD format a disk or write to certain sectors without
updating the directory or File Allocation Table.

DO NOT RUN this program until checked by an expert, unless you are familiar with
the author or company.


You may contact us via Bob Klahn's BBS (Fido 107/50, 302-764-7522, 2400/1200) in
Wilmington Delaware.

Andy Hopkins

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