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Check for bombs.
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Check for bombs.
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Contents of the BOMBSQAD.DOC file

Written by
Andy Hopkins
526 Walnut Lane
Swarthmore, PA 19081


"Bomb Squad" (BOMBSQAD.COM) is NOT a game! It is a further attempt to
prevent pranksters from destroying your data. The proliferation of the
"Trojan Horse" type programs which proport to be games but actually plant
bombs in your system which format your hard disk or erase the disk
directory, has prompted the writing of this program, as well as
CHK4BOMB.EXE ("Check for Bomb").
CHK4BOMB.EXE reads the program file from disk and attempts to spot
dangerous code and suspicious messages, but since code is often a function
of run time memory situations, it could miss spotting the "bombs".
BOMBSQAD.COM is a program that intercepts calls to the BIOS code in ROM
as a suspicious program is run, displays what is going to happen during the
call, and asks if you want to continue. You can abort or continue as you
see fit.


Type "BOMBSQAD" and one or more of the following letters (upper or lower):
"R" to stop on a request to READ a sector
"W" to stop on a request to WRITE to a sector
"V" to stop on a request to VERIFY a sector
"F" to stop on a request to FORMAT a track
"U" to 'UNINSTALL' BOMBSQAD - note that program will not be
active, but memory can not be reused until the system
is rebooted.

To change any of the instructions, just run the program again with the new
letters; although BOMBSQAD is a memory-resident program, once
installed it will not attempt to re-install itself.

Remember that BOMBSQAD will stop only on those requests specified the last
time it was invoked. If you start it with "F" only to stop on a FORMAT
call, and later want to add "W" to stop on a WRITE call, you must specify:
BOMBSQAD FW on the DOS command line.

IF NO LETTERS ARE SPECIFIED: BOMBSQAD will remain active but will not stop
on any disk calls.

SUGGESTION: Try BOMBSQAD R to stop on a READ request and then try a DIR
command. Watch the operation on BOMBSQAD when disk READS are called. This
will give you an indication of how the program works.


When BOMBSQAD detects a call to the BIOS routines, it checks to see if the
stop condition is met. If the function has not been selected, BOMBSQAD
will pass control directly to the BIOS disk routine. If, however, a stop
has been requested before a disk function occurs, BOMBSQAD will display the
following message:

| Break on request to READ |
| |
| A: 0 26 1 9 |
| Data address 0BA9:00F0 |
| |

DRIVE is the requested drive (A-D)
HEAD is the side or head (0-1) for diskette (0-3 or more) for hard disk
TRACK is the cylinder or track in decimal (0-39 or more)
SECTOR is the starting sector number (1-8 or 1-9 or more)
NUMBER is the number of sectors involved in the operation
DATA ADDRESS (in HEX) is where the data is stored or read from

PRESSING THE ESCAPE KEY causes BOMBSQAD to return to the calling program
with the error code for time out. The disk operation is NOT performed. The
action the program may take on this error will vary, but the requested disk
function will NOT take place.

PRESSING THE RETURN KEY causes the program to carry on as if BOMBSQAD did
not exist for this call. Be warned that if you request a stop on a READ
operation, you will press the Return key many times just to read one file
as DOS searches directories and the FAT! Instructive, but not too useful.


In the spirit of cooperation with fellow PC users and hoping to discourage
those whose idea of a joke is destroying other people's valuable data, I
encourage you to make copies of this program and documentation and give it
to anyone who may be succeptable to these pranksters. Users who frequently
download BBS programs of unknown origin may find BOMBSQAD particularly
useful. Complete rights to the program itself, and the routines used in
the program, however remain with the author, Andy Hopkins, through

(Andy may also be reached via Bob Klahn's Fido, 302-764-7522, 3/12/2400 baud.)

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