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PW version 6.3 -- Password on system boot up. Two tries allowed, and then system is locked. Logging of successful/unsuccessful login attempts.
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PW version 6.3 — Password on system boot up. Two tries allowed, and then system is locked. Logging of successful/unsuccessful login attempts.
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Version 6.3


1. 100% Assembly Language
2. 15 character password
3. Password is case insensitive
4. Password is not displayed on the screen
5. The password and user info are encrypted
6. Ctrl-Alt-Delete reboot sequence is disabled
7. The System is disabled after 2 invalid attempts
8. Access logging, with option of hiding Log file
9. Optional screen blanking (3 min. timeout)
10. Optional Clock & Log time stamp format (12/24hrs)
11. Optional audible alarm, to alert those nearby
12. Optional Norton Utilities style Exploding windows
13. Easy to use Setup Menu to set Passwords, Options
14. Owner identification feature, great for laptops!
15. Pklite compatible



Hello, and welcome to the PW password program. As you have
probably noticed by now, this program is extremely easy to use and needs
very little explanation. I'll just give a quick rundown on how to start
and setup the program.

First, there isn't a default password. You'll have to go to the
Setup Menu to set a password. So now, lets get the program up and
running by typing: PW . If the program has never run before, a
Menu will pop up telling you that the Password is Not Installed along
with two selections to choose from. If you would like to return to DOS
you can press the down arrow to move the bar to the Return to DOS
selection and then press the Enter key, or just press the Escape key to
return to DOS. But for now, we would like to Setup a password and a few
options so we'll just press the Enter key and go to the Setup Menu.

Here you'll have six options: Setting a password, Setting
Options, User identification, View the disk logfile, Exiting the Setup
Menu, and Returning to DOS. NOTE: You cannot exit the Setup Menu unless
a password has been set. If you try, you will receive an Error message.
Ok, lets set a password. With the selection bar on Enter a password,
press the Enter key. A small window will pop up prompting you to enter
a new password. If you would like to not enter a password at anytime,
just leave the line blank and press the Enter key. Note: If you make an
error while entering your password choice, press the Escape key and the
entry will be cleared (the backspace key also works). Now type in a
password of your choice and carefully check it over to make sure it's
right. When your satisfied, press the Enter key to save the password.
You will be returned to the Setup Menu.

Now let's set some options. Press the down arrow to move the
bar to the Set Options selection and press the Enter key. The Options
Menu will pop up. Anytime that you would like to Quit the Options Menu
without saving anything, press the Escape key and you will be returned
to the Setup Menu. Now, let's say that you want to set the options of
Logging Unauthorized attempts to a disk log file, having the screen
clock & Log time stamp appear in 24 hour format, enabling the audible
alarm, and also have some personal user identification appear on the
screen just incase your computer is ever stolen or misplaced. You would
just press any of the (up, down, page up, page down, home, end) keys to
move the selection bar to your choice and then press the Space Bar to
toggle the selections. A small check mark will appear next to your
selections. When you are done, press the Enter key to Save your choices,
or press the Escape key to cancel.

Ok, were now back at the Setup Menu. Lets now choose the User
Identification selection. Here all you have to do is enter some
personal info as you see fit. You can move between the selections with
the same arrow keys as before. When done, press Enter to Save or ESC to
cancel. You will automatically pop back to the Setup Menu.

The next selection on the setup menu is the logfile viewer.
Here you can effortlessly browse through the logfile that been recorded
to disk by using the (up, down, page up, page down, home, end) keys.
Also, when you feel that the logfile is getting to large to manage, you
can always press the Delete key which will then prompt whether or not to
delete the logfile. Pressing (y or Y) will delete the logfile. Escape,
(n or N), or Enter will cancel. Also, it does not matter what
attributes have been set to the logfile, it will be deleted.

Let's now Exit the Setup Menu and get to the main screen (the
screen which you will now see first whenever you run PW). Here you'll
see a brief warning message meant to deter Unauthorized users, and you
have two selections: Enter Password or Setup Menu. If you would like to
return to the Setup Menu, move the selection bar and press the Enter
key. You will notice that you now have to enter your password in order
to return to the Setup Menu. Type in your password (Dots will echo to
prevent onlookers from seeing your password) and press Enter. If you
entered your password in correctly you will be returned to the Setup
Menu, and if not, returned to the main screen. Ok, let's return to the
main screen and press the Enter key to enter our password. Note that we
will have only two attempts at entering the correct password, or else
the system will be disabled and the alarm will sound. Go ahead and enter
your password and press the Enter key to return to the DOS prompt.

And there you have it. All that's left to do is start up your
favorite text editor and place the letters PW as close to the top of
your AUTOEXEC.BAT file as possible.




1. Unsupported vidio mode

PW.COM supports both Color and Monochrome 80 x 25 display modes.
40 x 25 display modes are not supported.



Version Remarks

1.1 Initial Release of PW device driver password system.
3-23-91 11:08p

1.2 New procedures added: ability to backspace to correct
errors, and System lock, to disable the system after 3
attempts at the password.
4-21-91 12:40a

2.0 New procedures added: to clear the entire password entry
with the press of the Esc key. Minor code improvements.
4-22-91 12:00a

2.1 Improved string procedures for added speed. Install
program now checks for a 2.0 minimum DOS version.
5-05-91 2:00p

3.0 Remove the default password. Improved the System lock
Procedure. Install program now checks over the PW
driver to determine it's version before modifying it.
Also maintains the PW drivers file date / time, and
attributes. Will install a PW driver file without
regards to the attributes to which the file may have
been set.
5-12-91 12:00p

3.1 Minor bug fix of version 3.0. Due to a typing error in
the Ctrl-Break disable procedure, the Ctrl-Break vector
would not be properly restored. Fortunately DOS
apparently takes care of this, and therefore the program
still functions. I thought that I should correct this
error nevertheless.
5-14-91 12:00p

4.0 New procedures added: Optional logging to a disk file of
Authorized / Unauthorized entries. Option of setting
Hidden attributes to the log file.
5-22-91 12:00p

4.1 New procedure added: Optional time format of the log
file time stamp (12 or 24 hours).
5-27-91 12:00p

4.2 New procedures added: String procedures now write
directly to screen memory for added speed. Added
Bordered windows, with shadows. Also a Warning
background screen.
7-06-91 12:00p

4.3 An unreleased version
7-14-91 12:00p

4.4 New procedures added: New appearance, added the Day,
Month, Year to the screen. Added a 12/24 hour on screen
clock. This version was a premature release, uploaded
only to the Computer Connections BBS.
7-20-91 12:00p

5.0 New procedure added: The Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot sequence
now disabled.
7-20-91 12:00p

5.1 Minor code improvements. Last version in the Device
Driver format. Uploaded only to the Computer
Connections BBS.
7-24-91 12:00p

6.0 Converted to a COM file format for increased flexibility
and ease of use. Added a 3 minute timeout screen
7-25-91 12:00p

6.1 New procedures added: New appearance. Exploding
windows. F1 key copyright screen added. An audible
alarm to announce a syslock condition. Bug fix of the
version 6.0 screen blanker (would not work on the MDA
vidio adaptor).
8-01-91 12:00p

6.2 Now PW.COM is an entirely self contained program, with a
complete Setup Menu. Major code improvements added:
Password controlled Setup, Options Menu with selection
bar. Exploding window's coding significantly improved.
Improvement of the syslock alarm.
8-18-91 6:20a

6.3 These improvements took about 1 week to complete. Just
haven't had the time to fool with it. Now includes an
auto identification feature (Read a message on the BBS
that someone was looking for a password program that
they could enter in their name, company, phone). Also
added a logfile viewer, changed configuration and
improved some coding. Now Pklite compatible.
5-4-92 6:30a



This program is intended only to keep out the average
computer user or non-user. If you anticipate a more experienced
user breaking into your system, there are programs available
that will prevent a floppy boot and can be used in combination
with this program with excellent results! (I.E. SECUR105.ZIP)

If you find this program useful, please send $1 to the below
address. Source code is available on floppy disk for $10
(specify either 3 or 5 disks).

Lonnie L. Logue
9231 Goldenrod Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772


PW Version 6.3 May 4th, 1992
(C) Copyright 1992 Lonnie L. Logue

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