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Version 1.1 of excellent Hex Dump program.
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Version 1.1 of excellent Hex Dump program.
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Contents of the README file

Dump Ver 1.1 November, 1988

Changes from Dump Ver 1.0:

1. Added file directory function

Dump is written in Microsoft 'C' 5.1, and a score of assembly routines. I
wrote Dump for personal use, because of the unavailability of a good, fast
hex dump program. There appeared to be no bugs in testing on an IBM PC/XT,
CGA Card; IBM PC/XT, Monochrome Card; Tandy 4000, EGA card, or a Compaq 286.
Because of the extensive use of direct screen writes, Dump may not work with
some compatibles. No testing was done with Dos versions earlier than 3.0.


When using the Dos Shell function, an "insufficient memory" message can also
mean the current environment is too large to pass to the child process.
Normally, reducing the size of the environment will correct this.

If you find any "bugs" that I have overlooked, please let me know....

Ron Cansler
3279 Patuxent River Road
Davidsonville, Md. 21035

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