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An improved setup program for 286/386 systems.
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An improved setup program for 286/386 systems.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

CMOSER version 1.1

Copyright (C) 1989 MIPS Zagreb
Copyright (C) 1989 THETA Vienna


CMOSER is intended to help all the people that have difficulties with
CMOS setup/configuration on their 286/386 computers. It is much more
helpful than usually crude SETUP utilities. No special tutorial is
needed. Just type CMOSER and take the advantage of its power...

Main CMOSER features are:

- Ease of use
- Full control of CMOS values, ability to change every single byte in
CMOS. There is no need for battery discharging after a really hard
- Easy saving/loading of CMOS data
- View disk parameters table data as well as BIOS od DOS disk data.


CMOSER is absolutely free for sharing, copying, and giving away
to anyone who finds it useful provided that no part of code is changed,
patched or used for commercial purposes. It cannot be sold or charged,
except for mailing and P&P expenses. If you have paid for this utility,
please contact urgently the author. Please feel free to upload it on your
local BBS or give it to anyone interested. Please note that this software
checks for its code and CRC values thus decouraging any patches and
potentially dangerous virus activity.

CMOSER is part of the Demo programs for EXTRA - multi-purpose
general library for C with more than 500 functions and still growing
(to be available VERY! soon). Some of them are more sofisticated than you
think it is possible at all...

For more information or source for demos please refer to 'Info'
option in the main menu.

For more info: Zarko Supicic Tomislav Falatko

Draskoviceva 27 Traungasse 7/15
41000 Zagreb,YU A-1030 WIEN
(+38 41) 430515 Austria, Europe
(222) 31 81 59

or or

16, Av. du Gal de Gaulle Draskoviceva 29
67000 Strasbourg, France 41000 Zagreb
+33 (+38 41) 417389

Alternatively, you can also get more info by paging sysop/leaving
comment on one of the very first and likely the best BBSes in YU:


Mikro Inzinjering i Projektiranje Software-a

*** 300/1200/2400 8-N-1 24 hrs daily ***
Zagreb, tel. +38 41 421-657

>>> F R E E A C C E S S <<<

RBBS 17.1D Maple version based
(thanks to Pete Eibl)

Revision history (very short for now!):

03-27-1989 Initial release ver. 1.0
Found some bugs during file I/O, etc...

07-28-1989 Version 1.1
Some major bugs fixed. Still working on code to make it better

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