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Central Point Anti Virus Special Edition. This software is purported by Central Point to locate only the Michelangelo and Friday the 13th Viruses and no others.
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Central Point Anti Virus Special Edition. This software is purported by Central Point to locate only the Michelangelo and Friday the 13th Viruses and no others.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Central Point Software, Inc..
README file for the Central Point Anti-Virus Special Edition
February 21, 1992.

This file contains information about the Michelangelo-specific Special
Edition of Central Point Anti-Virus.

To print this file from the DOS prompt, type:



Fast becoming one of the most publicized viruses, the Michelangelo virus
has been the been the subject of much media attention in the last few
months. First discovered in Scandinavia last year, the Michelangelo virus
is now widely spread throughout the world. According to one source, as
many as five million PCs may be infected with the virus, 500,000 of which
are in the United States. On March 6, the birthday of the Italian
Renaissance painter and sculptor, the Michelangelo virus will format the
hard disks of infected systems by overwriting them with random characters
from system memory.

How does the virus work? The Michelangelo virus works by quietly hiding
in a computer's boot sector and memory and infecting all disks the computer
uses. The virus goes into memory the first time the user attempts to start
the computer with an infected disk. Once in memory, Michelangelo infects
diskette boot sectors as diskettes are accessed and the hard disk
partition table as files are accessed on the system's hard disk. On
Michelangelo's birthday, March 6, the data on the hard disks of all
infected systems will be irretrievably damaged.

The Michelangelo-specific Special Edition of Central Point Anti-Virus
detects and removes the Michelangelo virus and will restore the hard
disk partition table to its original state. If, however, the virus is
not removed and activates on March 6, the data will be unrecoverable.


To detect and remove the Michelangelo virus follow these steps:

1. From the directory the files are located in type:


A dialog box displays with information about this Special Edition of
Central Point Anti-Virus.

3. Choose OK

NOTE: If the window is not displayed correctly on your computer, type
CPAV /video to get help on the video command-line.

4. Choose Detect & Clean.

A progress bar displays showing the percentage of directories and files
in directories that have been scanned. The path line lists each
directory and file as it is scanned. Viruses are listed in the
information area as they are found and cleaned. The program, however,
does not stop when it finds viruses.

You can interrupt the scan at any time by pressing Esc.

If the Michelangelo or Friday the 13th virus is detected, Central Point
Anti-Virus automatically cleans (removes) it and updates the Last Action
Taken information.

After the entire drive is scanned, the Viruses Detected and Cleaned
window displays showing how many and what type of disks and files were
checked for the presence of viruses, how many infections were found, the
number of files or disks that were cured of infection, and the time it
took to scan the drive.

When you finish looking at the report, choose Continue to return to the
main window.

5. Scan each drive on your computer by choosing Select new drive,
selecting a drive, and choosing Detect and Clean.

6. Create a directory on your hard disk and copy all the files from the
Central Point Anti-Virus Special Edition disk to that directory.

You can now explore the variety of other features available in Central
Point Anti-Virus. For information about features of the program, press
F1 at any time.


Central Point Anti-Virus provides the most comprehensive, easy-to-use
virus protection for both corporate and single-user environments. Its
transparent and automatic operation assures total virus protection for
any level of user. Easily customizable into multiple configurations,
Central Point Anti-Virus is simple to introduce into organizations with
diverse computing environments.

Central Point Anti-Virus includes the following features:

Advanced Virus Protection

*Recognizes and removes more than 1,000 viruses
*Detects and cleans unknown viruses
*Permanently immunizes files, making them self-protecting against
*Offers advanced protection against stealth viruses, including
unknown stealth viruses.
*Searches for and discovers known viruses in memory and on disk.
*Detects viruses attempting to enter your system before they
infect files.
*Provides virus protection for boot sectors and partition tables
*Cleans viruses from infected files
*Contains information on more than 1,000 viruses

Automatic and Transparent Operation

*Configurable memory-resident program provides automatic detection
*Periodic scan reminders prompt users to scan
*Prevents network login of users who are not protected
*Automatic and customizable network messaging to alert system
administrator of virus infections on PCs attached to the network.

Highly Configurable

*Offers complete virus protection in both DOS and Windows
*Custom Install program lets you create installation sets with
different configurations
*Scans both local and network drives
*Comprehensive reporting options enable you to monitor virus
activities and scanning activities
*Upgrade option allows installation of new versions with program
*Express menu makes detection and elimination easy for any user
*Customizable error messages
*Password protection on user options and network access
*Broad compatibility for working with Novell and other network

System Requirements

IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or 100% compatibles with DOS 3.1 or higher and 512K
RAM; Supports Microsoft Mouse Driver 6.14 or higher, Logitech/Dexxa
mouse drivers version 3.4x or higher, or 100% compatibles.


To obtain additional copies of the Special Edition of Central Point
Anti-Virus, download them from CompuServe or the Central Point Software

CompuServe: Enter "Go Central"

Central Point Software BBS (2400 bps) (503) 690-6650

You can also call 1-800-288-4750 and order a Michelangelo Protection Kit
directly from Central Point for $29 (overnight delivery included). The
Michelangelo Protection Kit contains the Michelangelo-specific Special
Edition, an executive briefing on computer viruses and what users can do
to protect themselves, and a coupon for a $10 rebate on a future purchase
of Central Point Anti-Virus, a full anti-virus software program which
detects and cleans more than 1,000 viruses, including the Michelangelo

To purchase the complete version of Central Point Anti-Virus, winner of
PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award, see your favorite software dealer.

For information about purchasing in volume, or site licensing Central
Point Anti-Virus, please call Central Point Software directly at (503)
690-8088 and ask for the Corporate and Government Sales Department.

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