Dec 182017
Latest version of FluShot, downloaded from Greenberg RAMNET in NYC.
File FSP_182.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category System Diagnostics
Latest version of FluShot, downloaded from Greenberg RAMNET in NYC.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
$READ_ME.1ST 3072 1203 deflated
$READ_ME.2ND 2432 974 deflated
$TOC 1326 590 deflated
DISTRIB.TXT 3456 1141 deflated
FLUSHOT.DAT 256 112 deflated
FLU_POKE.COM 844 542 deflated
FSP.COM 18914 6620 deflated
FSP.TXT 102912 29663 deflated
OMBUDSMN.ASP 768 379 deflated
PRINT_ME.BAT 128 103 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 2432 710 deflated
VIRX12.ZIP 50681 49718 deflated

Download File FSP_182.ZIP Here

Contents of the DISTRIB.TXT file

FLU_SHOT+ Distributor Application Form

This form should be filled out by shareware distribution
companies and Computer User Groups, wishing to distribute

In order to qualify, you must either be a computer user group or
be a legitimate distributor of shareware products. Computer User
Groups should have one of their officers sign this form and
enclose some information on your computer user group for our

Shareware distribution companies must include a recent catalog of
the products currently available through their company or other
such literature.

In any case, this letter must be signed and returned, indicating
that you agree to the terms of distribution of FLU_SHOT+ outlined

1) That the FLU_SHOT+ archive will be distributed in whole, and
unmodified in anyway.

2) That the disk your company/user-group sells containing
FLU_SHOT+ is not sold for more than $10.

3) That persons purchasing a disk from your company/user-group
will be educated in the shareware concept and will be encouraged
to register shareware programs in general.

4) That our copyright for the entire FLU_SHOT+ distribution will
be respected and that the term(s) FLU_SHOT+, FLU_SHOT, and
FLU_SHOT++, our trademarks, will be marked as such in any specific
promotional literature, disk labels, and advertising you may do.

5) That your company/user-group will not, under any
circumstances, distribute any virus, trojan, or virus-like or
trojan-like product.

6) That you will promptly update your inventory when a new
release of FLU_SHOT+ is available, and will immediately stop
selling all older versions of the program in any form.

If these terms are agreeable to you, please sign below, return a
copy of this letter to us at the above address, along with the
appropriate information outlined above.

We'll return a signed copy of this form, along with the most
recent copy of FLU_SHOT+ once we review your material.

I agree to distribute FLU_SHOT+ according to the terms listed







City: _____________________ State: _________ Zip:______


[___] We're a Computer User Group. Please send us free
updates as available.

[___] We're a shareware distributor. Please advise us of new
updates as soon as they're available.

FLU_SHOT, FLU_SHOT+, and FLU_SHOT++ are trademarks of Software
Concepts Design.

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