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Two BAT files to check all ZIPs in a dir with the latest version of SCAN every time it comes out.
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Two BAT files to check all ZIPs in a dir with the latest version of SCAN every time it comes out.
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Contents of the VIRZIP.DOC file


Here are two simple batch files to check all the ZIP files in a given
directory for viruses. The use of the DO CALL with FOR %%1 IN may be
new to some folks. It requires DOS 3.3 or above, but can let you do
things you otherwise can't in BAT files.

VIRCHK.BAT is the top level BAT file.

VIRZIP.BAT actually checks for viruses and cleans up after itself before
returning to the calling "VIRCHK" BAT file.

The Y.$$$ file feeds a Y and to the del *.* command thru input

You will need to edit the last line of VIRZIP.BAT for the directory where
you place the Y.$$$ file. If you have placed it in your C:\BAT directory,
the last line would be changed to "del \vircheck\*.* VIRCHK.BAT file must also be able to locate the VIRZIP.BAT file and McAffee's
SCAN program, though if these are in your DOS path, you will be fine.
You can modify the VIRZIP.BAT file to do something other than halt the
system (perhaps copy files that are infected somewhere) and you may also
wish to adjust some of the SCAN command line parameters. Read McAffee's
documentation for details.

To use the BAT files, invoke VIRCHK.BAT with the name of the directory
with your ZIP files. For example, to check all your ZIP files stashed
in a directory called C:\DBUTILS, you would type:

VIRCHK c:\dbutils

We use this technique to check all of the EMS Professional Shareware
Libraries collections (which now run as many as 1750 ZIP files
for our 100 disk (ZIPed) dBase language library alone) every time a
new McAffee SCAN version is released (along with some other virus
checkers). If you are a PC professional with an interest in serious
shareware, but with limited time to search for it, you may be interested
in our comprehensive database-indexed collections of all known PD/SW
files for 1-2-3, ASM, BASIC, C, C++, dBase, DOS, DTP/Ventura, Games
(only the best 130, with a shell for PC Novices), Novell Netware, OS/2,
Turbo Pascal, Windows 3.0, WordPerfect, and a 37,000 record database
of all known PC products and the firms that make them (with 800, BBS,
FAX #s, etc.). Our prices are very reasonable, ranging from $25 to $149.
Call us (Voice only) at (301) 924-3594, FAX us at (301) 963-2708, or write:
EMS Professional Shareware Libraries, 4505 Buckhurst Ct., Olney, MD 20832.

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