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TIMEZONE.COM is a non-resident program which provides an instantaneous display of both BIOS+DOS's time and date.
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TIMEZONE.COM is a non-resident program which provides an instantaneous display of both BIOS+DOS’s time and date.
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TIMEZONE.COM is a non-resident program which provides an
instantaneous display of both BIOS and DOS times and both BIOS
and DOS dates (as you may know, there are two independent clocks
in your PC, one controlled by IBM ROM BIOS functions and the
other by MS-DOS functions).

TIMEZONE contains provisions for conveniently setting all
four and for advancing or retarding the BIOS clock. (The DOS
time or date can be made identical to the respective BIOS values
by depressing T or D). Note that from DOS Ver. 3.3 on, setting
the DOS time will also set the BIOS time (but not vice versa).

The two clocks can be changed to winter or summer time (daylight
saving time) by simply depressing respectively W or S.

TIMEZONE also provides a display of time in seven time zones
around the world. You can chose any time zone to be your 'local'
time zone to which the others are related.

TIMEZONE eliminates the need for rebooting your PC after having
set time or date.

TIMEZONE can be used as a stop watch, and to find the weekday for
any date from year 1980 to year 2099.

The TIMEZONE syntax is simply

timezone or timezone x

where x is 'local' time zone:

nothing - default 'local' time zone (one of the following:)
1 - San Francisco
2 - Chicago
3 - New York
4 - London
5 - Oslo
6 - Taiwan
7 - Tokyo
else - this syntax information

TIMEZONE was written and copyrighted 1990 by

Gunnar Richwell
Olav Kyrresgt. 2
N-0273 Oslo 2

If you use or intend to be using this program, you are asked to
send a contribution of US$25 by check drawn on a U.S. bank, or
UK15 by check drawn on a U.K. bank. In return you will get an
updated, 'full-time' version of the program, preset to a default
time zone of your choice. After January 1st 1991, the amounts
asked are respectively US$50 and UK30.

Other available time-related programs are listed below. For each
additional program specified with the above contribution, add
US$5 or UK4.

*****>ALARM.COM is a short, resident program providing a fast,
convenient way to set an alarm for sounding off an alarm signal
later in the day. You just invoke ALARM and it prompts you
for an entry "hhmm". All you have to do is type in four
digits and hit the Enter key.

At the appropriate time a distinct series of variably pitched
beeps will alert you.

You may invoke ALARM several times if need be.

*****>CLOCK.COM is a short, resident program that will display BIOS
time in the upper right hand corner of your screen (with green
digits and red colons if you have a color monitor).

It is page responsive, and time will be displayed independent of
whichever video page is being displayed on the screen, e.g. when
using an editor like BRIEF. It is completely independent of
other resident programs like SIDEKICK, and it makes no
difference whether it is installed before or after any other
resident program.

The time display will automatically move to another location if
the area is being used by your application program.

CLOCK will chime every hour in an intelligible way using long and
short beeps, long beeps representing 5 hours. Examples: 11
o'clock will be two long and one short beep; 8 o'clock one long
and three short beeps.

The chiming operates in the background and will cause no
disruption of your normal activity. CLOCK is updated every
second only, thus stealing negligible time from your operation.

The CLOCK display can be turned off/on remotely with the GODSEND

*****>ELAPS.COM is resident program which will display elapsed time on
the righthand side of your display, from 1 second to 24 hours.
It can be stopped by depressing a hot-key, and reset to 0 by
depressing the same hot-key.

It can be used in connection with test programs or to monitor
time used on-line with your modem.

ELAPS is video page responsive and will display on any video
page, undisturbed by any other resident program. If your
application program happens to write in the area where the ELAPS
display is, the display will automatically move to another
suitable place, below or above. ELAPS and CLOCK can be installed
together, and the respective displays will stay out of each
other's way.

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