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A VERY ACCURATE cpu benchmark, shows mhz, waits, MIPS, etc.
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A VERY ACCURATE cpu benchmark, shows mhz, waits, MIPS, etc.
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Contents of the CPUTEST.TXT file

CPUTEST started as a utility which I could use to determine the performance
of various PCs from within programs. This was required because certain TSRs
I was in the process of writing were running in the background and practically
'taking over' the PC. I needed to adjust how much processing power they should
utilize before taking them RAM resident.

It was actually harder to guess clock speeds, MIPS, etc. than to write a
simple benchmark program (the utility which I finally used in the TSRs runs
faster, and simply gives back a value which can be compared to a known value
from an original 6 mhz AT).

Many thanks to Steve Grant, who was kind enough to provide the source code
to his excellent SYSID system to the public domain. I use his assembly language
algorithm to determine CPU type. I feel it is superior to the Intel algorithm.
I will also provide the source , assembler and TurboPascal, to this program as
soon as I have enough feedback from users to allow me to put in accurate bench
data for 80188,80186,V20,V30 CPUs and for faster 80286s (over 12 Mhz) and
faster 80386s (20 mhz +).

Right now, results should be pretty accurate as far as 8088,8086,80286, and
80386 processors are concerned.

Run CPUTEST on your PC and send the following information to me:

Make, Model, CPU type, clock speed, and the elapsed time for the test as
displayed when it is run.

I don't believe it should take more than 17 to 18 seconds on even the
slowest PC. On my fastest machine, a 20 mhz 386 with 60ns RAM, it takes
1.59 seconds.

After I have collected enough data, I will release a new version with the
source code and a complete list of all the data I received with test results.

Please send to: Richard A. Bross
P.O. Box 836
Canton, CT 06019

Source ID TCV855

Cserve ID 72236,2002

This software is released into the public domain. It may not be sold, or
distributed for any monetary renumeration other than the cost of media,
shipping and handling charges. All rights reserved by the author.

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