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Chips & Technologies extended setup for 20-25mhz 386's. Improper use can cause a failure to boot.
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Chips & Technologies extended setup for 20-25mhz 386’s. Improper use can cause a failure to boot.
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16M.386 134 33 deflated
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4MM.386 134 31 deflated
8M.386 134 31 deflated
CTSETUP.COM 27856 9260 deflated
README.DOC 768 479 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file


Files on this disk:
CTSETUP.COM - Configures Extended CMOS Registers On 386 Systems
README.DOC - This file
*.386 - CTSETUP configuration files

We do not recommend the use of CTSETUP to manipulate the extended
CMOS registers unless you have a specific reason to do so and have
knowledge of mainboard timing parameter requirements. Use the shadow
RAM enable/disable selection from the main menu only.

386 systems do not support EMS directly. We recommend the use of an
EMS simulation utility such as QEMM by Quarterdeck (makers of Desqview),
or EMM386.SYS from MS-DOS 4.0.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the above
files, please call the PC BRAND at 1-800-541-TECH

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