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Tests Ram Chips on 386 machines. Runs in protected mode.
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Tests Ram Chips on 386 machines. Runs in protected mode.
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This is a down & dirty memory test utility for 386 equipped systems. Base
memory is tested in 'real' mode while extended (above 1 meg) memory is tested
in 'protected' mode. This program will run under CDOS 386 but only base
memory will be tested because the system will report 0k extended available
since CDOS is 'hiding' that from applications programs.

Execute as MEMTEST [-e]

The '-e' switch means to use cga/ega output. The default
is monochrome.

Note that if there extended memory available under DOS you will need to
reboot the system at the completion of the test. I know this is a bit
crude but this IS a down & dirty tool. As I get some time I'll spiff things
up a bit and make this a real utility. For now it gets the job done.

Any errors detected are reported with address, written value, read value, and

Please let me know if this fails to run on your hardware (possible due to the
method used to detect parity errors).

Denny Muscatelli
CIS 72250,1557

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