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VIRZIP 1.4 - The Automatic .ZIP file virus detector.
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VIRZIP 1.4 – The Automatic .ZIP file virus detector.
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Contents of the VIRZIP.DOC file

VIRZIP - The .ZIP file virus checker.
Version 1.4 - May 6, 1991
By Eric R. Bazerghi

Purpose: To 'unzip' a .ZIP file and verify ALL its contents for the
presence of viruses. If a virus is found, the user is notified.
The program is also capable of being run in a BATCH file thru the
use of the 'IF ERRORLEVEL' command. A list of exit codes is listed
later in this text.

Format: VIRZIP [?] [/?] [/h] [/s] [/m] [d:][path]filespec[.ext]

Notes: The files 'SCAN.EXE' and 'PKUNZIP.EXE' must be present in
your current directory or be accessible thru the DOS 'PATH'
command. If either one of these files is missing, VIRZIP
will generate an error message and exit to DOS. Please refer
to your DOS manual for more information on the 'PATH' command.

If an invalid operand is entered, a display of VIRZIP's
command format is displayed.

The drive and path are optional. The filespec MAY NOT contain
the wildcard characters * and ?. Only the file matching the
file specification is processed.

If the filespec extension is omitted, .ZIP is used as a

You may use a 'self-extracting' file as a filespec. It will be
processed the same way as a .ZIP file.

The parameters are not 'case-sensitive'. You may use upper-case
or lower-case at your discretion.

Use the ?, /? or /h parameters to display VIRZIP's
command format.

Use the /s parameter to suppress most of the output generated
by the program. Only a message indicating the result of the
scanning of the files will be displayed. This option is ideal
for batch files or BBS systems which only need an exit code.

Use the /m parameter to enable virus-checking of standard memory.
VIRZIP defaults to skipping memory checking. This parameter is the
OPPOSITE of the "/NOMEM" parameter for SCAN.EXE.


o Display VIRZIP's command format:


o Verify all files contained in 'MYFILE.ZIP' for viruses:

VIRZIP MYFILE (.ZIP will be used as a default)

o Verify all files contained in 'MYFILE.ZIP' for viruses and
suppress most output:

VIRZIP /S MYFILE (.ZIP will be used as a default)

Exit codes:

When using VIRZIP in batch files, you can verify if an error has
occurred by using the 'IF ERRORLEVEL' command. The list of exit
codes generated by VIRZIP is as follows:

0 - .ZIP is virus-free.
1 - Possible virus in .ZIP file.
2 - Command-line argument error.
3 - SCAN.EXE cannot be found or executed.
4 - Abnormal termination of SCAN.EXE.
5 - Abnormal termination of PKUNZIP.EXE.
6 - PKUNZIP.EXE cannot be found or executed.
7 - Abnormal termination of VIRZIP.EXE

Internal Errors:

VIRZIP may output an internal error message when a severe problem
has occured. Generally this message can be caused by VIRZIP being
unable to create or delete a temporary directory. It may also be
caused by VIRZIP being unable to delete the files it has just
un-zipped in the temporary directory. These messages have been
included to help me locate a problem in the code. If an internal
error message appears and you have done EVERYTHING to fix what
may have caused it, send me a letter explaining the problem.
Please include everything pertinante to your system, such as
DOS version, environment, CPU, system configuration, etc. Every
little bit of information can help.


Written for the IBM PC using DOS 2.0, or later.

VIRZIP was written using the MicroSoft QuickC Compiler Ver 2.51.

VIRZIP uses SCAN.EXE which is copyrighted by:

McAfee Associates/InterPath
4423 Cheeney Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054

VIRZIP uses PKUNZIP.EXE which is copyrighted by:


Please remember to register these programs if you intend to use
them. I am in no way associated with these companies. Please
direct all registration information to the appropriate author.

VIRZIP is supplied for personal, private use. Feel free to
distribute VIRZIP given these restrictions:

o for-profit use without a license is prohibited;

o the program may not be included - or bundled - with other
goods or services. Exceptions may be granted upon written
request only.

o no fee is charged; an exception is granted to not for profit
user's groups, which are permitted to charge a small fee
(not to exceed $5) for materials, handling, postage, and
general overhead. No other organization is permitted to
charge any amount for distribution of copies of the software
or documentation, or to include copies of the software or
documentation with sales of their own products, unless
personnaly authorized by myself, the author.

There is no warranty of any kind. The copyright owner may not
be held liable for any damages, including any lost profits or
other incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in-
ability to use the software. By using the software, you agree
to this.

If you feel that VIRZIP is a helpful utility, please consider
registering your copy. A small registration fee of $7.50 is all
that I ask of you. Please consider that this money will go towards
further improvements to this utility. By registering, you show
your appreciation for my work.
Please distribute this software to your friends for evaluation.
The better its distribution, the better its success...

Please direct your inquiries, complaints, suggestions or

Eric R. Bazerghi
4784 Tapestry Drive
Fairfax, Va 22032-1918

P.S. Please include a self-addressed stamped enveloppe if you
would like a reply. Users from CANADA need not include
stamps, but the self-addressed enveloppe would be welcome.

Data: (703) 719-9648, 24 hr BBS; 300-9600/USR HST, Data-Bit BBS
(703) 978-6360, 24 hr BBS; 300-9600 Your Place (RBBS Author)
(703) 425-2505, 24 hr BBS; 300-9600/USR HST, InterConnect BBS
(703) 839-0705, 24 hr BBS; 300-9600 DeathStar BBS

Leave E-Mail for 'Eric Bazerghi' in Main Conference.

(c) Copyright by Eric R. Bazerghi 1989-90-91. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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