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COMTAP v2.1 ASP - Software serial communications line monitor and debugger. Microsecond timestamp resolution.

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COMTAP v2.1 ASP - Software serial
communications line monitor and debugger.
Microsecond timestamp resolution; Passive
bi-directional dual port monitoring and
interactive single port control; Display
macro-recording; Full log parameter control;
Context-sensitive Hypertext help. Fully
functional ASP approved, v2.1 Revision A,
from Paladin Software, Inc.

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COMTAP v2.1 ASP – Software serial communications line monitor and debugger. Microsecond timestamp resolution.
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Contents of the INSTALL.DOC file

comTAP Version 2.1 Installation

In order to install comTAP, execute INSTALL from the DOS prompt.
It is convenient to be in the directory containing INSTALL.EXE when
installing, but this is not required.

The installation files can be used from floppy or hard disk. It
makes no difference at all.

The installation utility will prompt you for information about the
type of monitor you are installing for, the letter of the source
drive containing the distribution files, the destination drive
letter, and the name of the destination directory you wish to
contain the extracted comTAP program files.

You can exit the installation utility at any time by pressing
Ctrl+Break, but the installation will NOT be complete. Do not
attempt to run comTAP until installation has been completed!

What is comTAP?

comTAP transforms your PC into a passive or active RS-232 data and
signal line monitor and protocol analyzer that can outperform
expensive dedicated hardware line monitors. Programmers, engineers,
technicians, scientists, and test personnel can eliminate guesswork
when dealing with serial transmissions.

What can comTAP do for YOU?

o Provide a powerful "windows-like" interface to RS-232 serial

o Resolve individual character arrival times to the microsecond.

o Run up to four different displays in user-configurable multitasking

o Collect eight megabytes of timestamped data.

o Display context-sensitive Hypertext help for all program modes.

o Operate at user defined rates up to 115,200 baud.

o Control all archive size and collection parameters.

o Both passive bi-directional monitoring and interactive testing and

Why Buy comTAP?

o PERFORMANCE: comTAP outperforms the competition at data collection
efficiency and live display speed.

o FLEXIBILITY: No one else offers concurrent user-defined display
windows, Hypertext help, four selectable color sets, or archive
parameter control.

o ACCURACY AND RESOLUTION: comTAP is the first program to deliver
microsecond timestamp resolution.

o VALUE: Hardware monitors costing thousands of dollars can't match
these features.

comTAP v2.1 Features

o User-configurable, multitasking windows. Up to four concurrent
display tiles allow hundreds of display combinations. Customize
the displays for individual applications.

o Macro display recording. Record up to six display combinations for
one-touch recall.

o Microsecond Timestamp resolution. Resolve individual data events
to the microsecond. View two completely different areas of a log
file at the same time with four independent timestamped cursors.

o Context-sensitive Hypertext. A full-featured, context-sensitive
Hypertext reader with cross-links and an index.

o Hypersetup. Hypertext help links directly to program setup fields
to allow interactive, Hypertext prompted setup.

o Four user color sets. Color, Monochrome, Greyscale, and LCD
support all display types - even laptops.

o Eight megabyte archive capacity. Huge storage capacity; Auto halt
(when full) and continuous (wrap-around) modes.

o 48 Character sets. Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal, ASCII, and EBCDIC.

o Interactive sessions. Control both ports interactively at the same
time. Transmit from the keyboard and send DOS files.

o Snapshot disk logging. Log RAM buffer data to disk at any time.
No need to worry about losing information.

o All COM ports supported. Use any port address or interrupt level.
Two ports can share the same interrupt line. Supports laptops,
notebooks, and computers with internal MODEMS.

o All Baud Rates. All possible hardware supported baud rates are
available. Automatic nearest true baud rate adjustment.

o All UART formats. All combinations of word length, parity, stop
bits, and output control lines are supported.

o Comprehensive documentation. Thorough, professional documentation
with highly technical appendices.

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