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Shows hardware setup : ports, addresses, DOS environment, etc.
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Shows hardware setup : ports, addresses, DOS environment, etc.
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SCANNER - Hardware Scanning Program

Revision 2.04 14 June 1989

Scanner will now recognize the new IBM portable Model 70, and is somewhat
more "well-behaved" when run in a network environment.

Revision 2.03 21 April 1989

Corrected a small problem which caused a hangup on certain clone
machines which have an '87 chip installed.

Revsion 2.01 29 March 1989

Restores screen color attributes that were in use prior to running.
Display of all copies of COMMAND.COM shows size and version number.

Initial Public Domain Release 2.00 23 March 1989

Scanner is a program which will read out and report the installed
equipment on a PC. It will also display a number of associated useful
items of information, such as capacity and free space on all attached disk
drives, show the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files and environment
variables. It will also find all of the copies of COMMAND.COM which are
on the disk drive and list them.

Scanner was written by Jim Thomson, a programmer in the Agency Technical
Support Department of American General Life Insurance, in Houston, Texas.
It was originally written to assist those who provide telephone "Help Desk"
support for our field agents. If you have questions or would like to
report problems or suggest enhancements to Scanner, you may contact Jim
at 713-831-8170 during normal business hours.

Scanner is being contributed to the Public Domain. We have received
technical assistance at various times from others in the BBS community and
those who frequent the various technical forums on Compuserve, and this is
a small downpayment on that debt.

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