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Describes the configuration of your computer and outputs it in DBF format.

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YOURSYS 2.00: Technical Support
of your software

Help diagnose hardware and software
problems. Data stores into ASCII or
Custom Version Available.
A Program From Gateway Software, Inc

File YSYS20.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category System Diagnostics
Describes the configuration of your computer and outputs it in DBF format.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 411 220 deflated
YOURSYS.DOC 2286 953 deflated
YOURSYS.EXE 24313 23698 deflated
YOURSYS.LAY 7267 1177 deflated
YOURSYS.LIS 6026 1640 deflated

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Contents of the YOURSYS.DOC file

--==[ YOURSYS Version 2.00 ]==--

Copyright (C) 1990,1992 by Gateway Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Written by Philippe Rabergeau

This utility generates a report of your system, with the unique
possibility to save the information into a DBASE3 file.
We use this utility to help us for the technical support of our software.
Please, report us every error and mistake you find and send us a
copy of this report.

If you are a software publisher/distributor and/or a company and want
a personalized version of this utility, read the file YOURSYS.LIS.


N.B.: The BBS Distribution file must be named YSYS20.ZIP or YSYS20.EXE

List of files:
YOURSYS.DOC .... This file!
YOURSYS.EXE .... The program
YOURSYS.LAY .... DBF File format
YOURSYS.LIS .... License Information
FILE_ID.DIZ .... Info used by BBS

Usage: (Type at the DOS command line)
To display on the screen ............... YOURSYS

To display on the screen with pause .... YOURSYS | MORE

To copy in to a file ................... YOURSYS >FILENAME.EXT

To print ............................... YOURSYS >PRN

To generate a DBF file ................. YOURSYS FILENAME
(WARNING: do not add the .DBF extension)

Enjoy using YOURSYS,


To get the latest version of our software,
call our 24 hour Technical Support BBS at:

(212) 254-9890


For more info, or to place an order, here is my business card:

Gateway Software, Inc.
Videotex Software Development

Philippe Rabergeau

Genie: P.RABERGEAU2 61 East 8th Street
Prodigy: WNWB44A Suite 128
Compuserve: 73567,2755 New York, NY 10003

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