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Measure protected mode, XMS, and CPU performance.

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Simple DOS command line utility that measures
protected mode, XMS and CPU performance.

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Measure protected mode, XMS, and CPU performance.
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Contents of the PMINFO.TXT file

This is a typical output screen from this simple DOS command line utility.

Protected Mode and Extended Memory Performance Measurement -- 5.00
Copyright (c) Rational Systems, Inc. 1987 - 1993

DOS memory Extended memory CPU performance equivalent to 38.0 MHz 80486
---------- ---------------
700 16384 K bytes configured (according to BIOS).
640 15360 K bytes physically present (SETUP).
657 23788 K bytes available for DOS/16M programs.
10.2 (4.5) 10.7 (4.0) MB/sec word transfer rate (wait states).
18.8 (5.0) 21.2 (4.0) MB/sec 32-bit transfer rate (wait states).

Overall cpu and memory performance (non-floating point) for typical
DOS programs is 5.10 0.61 times an 8MHz IBM PC/AT.

Protected/Real switch rate = 20932/sec (47 sec/switch, 31 up + 16 down),
DOS/16M switch mode 0 (DPMI).

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