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Password protection scheme. Lot of features. Will keep out novices.
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Password protection scheme. Lot of features. Will keep out novices.
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LOCKIT v1.4 -- Easy system locking for the terminally lazy
Another fine BeerWare product (c) 1990, Brian MacAskill

|v1.4 corrects a silly bug that failed, under certain conditions to
|close files... resulting in a semi-complete log file. I discovered this
|one myself. Moral: never recompile "one last time" using a brand-new
|library. And please, if you find a bug in v1.4, EPlex me.

|v1.3 corrects an obscure bug that had the unmitigated gall to make me
|look foolish -- under certain conditions (OK, under *lots* of conditions),
|it allowed the user to "left-cursor" over the DOS prompt.

|v1.2 adds "correct password garbling" -- if you correctly enter the
|password, then the last letter of the password will echo to the screen as
|the keypress plus one; for example, the default password of CI$ will show
|on the screen as CI%. A password (entered on the command-line) of ME will
|show on the screen as MF. Keeps someone looking over your shoulder from
|seeing the password while maintaining the illusion of a DOS screen.

|v1.2 corrects a bug: a command-line prompt that contained the ">"
|character failed because it's used by DOS for redirection. Hey --
|everyone's allowed to overlook *one* obvious possibility... after all, my
|prompt has always ended with a ":", comme ca: C:\DOS\:
|Anyhow, use $g (or $G) on the command-line for ">" -- if you want
|C:\DOS>, then put C:\DOS$g on the command-line.

Version 1.1 docs

A quick start:
Default password: CI$
Default prompt: C:\>

Change (temporarily) like so:

LOCKIT password prompt
LOCKIT , prompt
LOCKIT password

or (if you're really warped)

LOCKIT password ,

An Introduction
I occasionally have need of a "password protection" program -- most
recently, my wife wanted one for her PC. Just something simple, enough
to keep the curious out.

Plenty of those floating around, of course.

But I also usually want one that *realistically* simulates the DOS
prompt -- again, primarily for the curious. (Just to keep 'em in the
dark about what's happening when they try to use the PC... and when
they *don't*. No flashing "LOCKED PC" banners.)

Of course, there are a few programs with this feature too.

I also wanted one that kept log files of attempted and successful entries,
one for each time the program is run.


One that wouldn't reveal the default password to a file editor.


One that was simple enough to use... I'm a lazy guy.


So I wrote one myself. Sigh.

How LOCKIT works
If you type LOCKIT on the command line, or run it from your
AUTOEXEC.BAT (the first line after ECHO OFF is the best place), then
screen clears and you get a simulated DOS prompt. It looks like this:


Type anything and you'll get exactly what DOS would give you with no
PATH and no recollection of the internal commands:

Bad command or filename

complete with the disk activity you'd get if DOS were searching the PATH.

An ENTER gives you a new prompt, the screen scrolls properly, even ESC
produces predictable results.

Enter the password (the default is CI$ -- all passwords are case-
insensitive) and you return to the real prompt (or your AUTOEXEC.BAT).

Your efforts result in a file that has the day's date as the prefix and
the attempt number (that day) as the extension, like this:

Volume in drive C has no label
Directory of C:\

05-08-90 1 96 5-08-90 12:58p

The file is ASCII, and looks like this:

05-08-1990, 12:58:16 DIR
05-08-1990, 12:58:19 cls
05-08-1990, 12:58:32 Hey! What's going on?
Successful entry on 05-08-1990 at 12:58:47

The log files are "hard-wired" to C:\ ... see the end of this doc on
how to get a customized version.

Run the program again, and you'll get 05-08-90.2, and so on and so on,
up to 05-08-90.999. (No, I have no idea what happens then. I suspect
05-08-90.100 is overwritten. Eplex me if you're masochistic enough to
find out.)

Command line options
While the default password and prompt are "hard-wired" into LOCKIT, you
can specify different, *temporary* ones from the command line, like so:


The arguments are separated by spaces. (That means no spaces in the
password or the prompt. Sorry.) You can leave off the password by
substituting a comma, like so:


To change just the password, leave off the prompt:


As mentioned above, passwords (and prompts) are case-insensitive -- all
are converted to upper-case.

And now for something completely different...
LOCKIT is BeerWare. If you like LOCKIT and are overcome with gratitude,
send me $5. I'll have a beer (or two), toasting you liberally all the way.

If you'd like a customized copy of LOCKIT (your default password,
prompt, and even location of the log files), then send me $10 and let
me know:

. what password you'd like;
. what prompt you'd like; and
. where you'd like the log files stored.

(I'll also consider any other reasonable customization requests. And no,
I *won't* add "Real-Time Multitasking Omni-Directional Radar." Get real.)

Anyway, I'll write you a custom copy to your specs, and upload it to your
CIS mailbox. (That means that when you log onto CIS, you'll be told you
have mail waiting. When you attempt to read it (GO MAIL), you'll be told
it's a binary file. So you'll download it instead and voila! Your *own*
copy of LOCKIT. Pretty spiffy, huh? Try and get this kind of service out
of WordPerfect Corporation.)

If you represent a big company, write or Eplex me and we'll talk .

As a bonus, I'm Canadian, so you don't have to worry about me accepting
"foreign" currency -- I'll take whatever I can get. (Please, no loose

|v1.4: Special thanks to fellow-Canadian Martin R. Hubbard who sent me
| 140 Dominican Republic pesos in rather grimy bills. I'll get even.

Send to:
Brian MacAskill
145 Duchess Ave.,
London, Ontario
N6C 1N8

You are, of course, *IN NO WAY OBLIGATED* to pay me anything. And go
ahead and reverse-engineer my code... the sight of it'll probably kill
you anyhow.

Send any enhancement suggestions to me on CI$. My ID is 71041,1533.

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