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16 and 32 bit Whetstone FORTRAN benchmarks.
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16 and 32 bit Whetstone FORTRAN benchmarks.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DOSXMSF.EXE 374950 162879 deflated
DWHET.DOC 1051 503 deflated
DWHET.EXE 54646 31147 deflated
DWHET.FOR 10094 2944 deflated
DWHET32.EXE 143940 68803 deflated

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Contents of the DWHET.DOC file

Double-precision Whetstones FORTRAN Benchmark...

DWHET.FOR is included as a sample file with Microsoft FORTRAN 5.1.
Since version 5.1 is a 16-bit compiler, I wondered how much faster
32-bit code would run. I recompiled the code using Microsoft's newly
released FORTRAN PowerStation (highly recommended!). The results are
amazing. I use a 386DX-40 computer: the 16-bit DWHET yields a result
of 978 double-precision whetstones, the 32-bit version around 2720
double-precision whetstones. Quite a difference!

File Description
=========== ===============================================
DWHET.FOR source code
DWHET.EXE 16-bit executable using MS FORTRAN 5.1
DWHET32.EXE 32-bit executable using MS FORTRAN PowerStation
DOSXMSF.EXE DOS extender that allows the 32-bit code to run
under DOS. note: this file MUST reside either in the
same directory as DWHET32.EXE or in a directory
that has been included in your PATH statement.

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