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Checks inside ZIP/ARC/LZH files for Viruses (uses SCAN.EXE).
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Checks inside ZIP/ARC/LZH files for Viruses (uses SCAN.EXE).
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Contents of the SQCHECK.DOC file

---- SQCheck 1.1 ----
---- Copyright (c) 1989 By Neil Sharma ----
---- This Program is Public Domain ----

SQCheck is a small program that will check for Viruses inside ZIP,
ARC, And LZH Files. It was made mostly for the SysOp of a BBS to use
to check through the many compressed files that he/she may have.

1) SCAN.EXE -- From McAfee Associates
2) X-DOS.EXE -- From FreeLance Programming
3) SQCHECK.DAT --- Check Below

Kito Mann: For his CWARE.TPU files from where i stole the dir search routines..
AnyBody who uses this: Thankx for using it....

SQCHECK.DAT is a very simple file. On the first line you should have
the path and FileName of X-DOS.EXE, of course if the only files you
have on the HD are ZIP files then you could just put in the path for
PKUNZIP.EXE and it would work fine. You could not put in LHARC though
since it uses the command E to extract. Then on the second line it should
have the path and FileName of SCAN.EXE, simple enough. And finally on
the third line it should have the path to a Directory that SQCheck can
use (make sure the dir is empty), and DO NOT PUT A '\' AT THE END OF
THE DIRECTORY, as it will cause problems. And make sure the Directory
you specify exists or it will alse cause problems.



Using it
It is very easy to use here are your command line options:

! Use the ! to scan the entire disk (current disk)
C:\TEST\*.* Scan all the file the files in C:\TEST
C:\TEST\*.ARC Scan all the ARC files in C:\TEST

And thats about it. Also make sure you run it in the same dir as SQCHECK.DAT..

Note: That ! causes it to check the current drive. (I may put in support
for specifing which drive to check it anyone cares.)

Ok it will create a file called 'VIRUSLOG.LST' and that will contain
a list of the files that may contain Viruses. Also it would be a good
idea to run SCAN.EXE on SQCHECK.EXE just to make sure, as it would be
a good program for some demented loser to put a Virus in. There will
probally not be many more versions of this program, perhaps maybe 2
more or so. In which i may put in support for other compression types
if there is any interest.

Information on X-DOS and SCAN


Real Name: Extract2
Author : FreeLance Programming
Stuff : Extract2 is a sharewre product that allows you to extract
ZIP, ARC, and LZH files by using just one file (X-DOS.EXE),
instead of using PKUNZIP for ZIP files, ARCE for ARC, and
LHARC for LZH files, making life much easier. It is available
for $10 from:

FreeLance Programming
Post Office Box #726
Washington, DC 20044-0726

BBS: (301)322-8678



RealName: Viruscan
Author : McAfee Associates
Stuff : Viruscan is a shareware program that can scan entire drives,
single directories, or single files for Viruses. At the time
of this writing it checkes for 40 different Viruses. It is
available for $15 from:

McAfee Associates
4423 Cheeney Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408)988-3832 (VOICE)

BBS: (408)988-4004


Both of the above programs can be found on many BBS around the country.
They are always available from the above 2 BBS's (author's BBS) of course.


For Bug Reports, comments, or donations i am availiable at:

BBS : (301)424-8718

Mail : Neil Sharma
10129 Colebrook Avenue
Potomac, Md 20854

I hope the program proves useful to you...

!!! Shows you how good i am at writing DOCS, hehehehh !!!

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