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Display free space on all drives and free RAM as well.
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Display free space on all drives and free RAM as well.
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Contents of the FRE.DOC file

FRE version 2.0

Author: Greg Wilson (SYSOP The Ltd. BBS 708-213-1304)

FRE displays the amount of free memory and disk space. The information
is displayed in "pop up" windows and after hitting any key the windows
will disappear restoring the original screen. The percentages are
color coded based off of the following:

WHITE - 50% or less full
YELLOW - Greater than 50% full
RED - Greater than 70% full
BLINKING RED - Greater than 90% full


FRE - displays the current disk information
FRE A - displays information on all hard disk (C,D,E,etc.)

This utility may be freely distributed only as the following unaltered

If you find this utility useful and would like a good source for other
quality software then give us a call at The Ltd. BBS 708-213-1304. See
the READ.ME file for more information.

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