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Micro-Burn v3.1: excellent burn-in utility made especially for clone builders & service techs, with good graphics.
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Micro-Burn v3.1: excellent burn-in utility made especially for clone builders & service techs, with good graphics.
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Dedicated Micro Systems Software
102 E. Kimberly Rd., Suite 8
Davenport, Iowa 52806



Under no circumstances shall the author be liable for damages
occurred by lost sales or lost income whatsoever, nor does the
author assume responsibility for damage to equipment as a result
of the use of this software.


Micro-Burn Evaluation Copy
Ver 3.1, (C) 1992, Dedicated Micro Systems
All Rights Reserved

As most clone builders and service technicians know an electronic
component is most apt to fail within the first 72 hours of use.
It is at this time that the heat and stress brought on by normal
functioning will force most latent manufacturing defects to surface.
Consequently most responsible technicians `Burn-in' every new unit
or upgraded component prior to releasing it. This practice protects
their reputation as well as saves them from performing expensive
field work should the component fail once it is established in the
home or office. It is to this end that Micro-Burn was developed.

Micro-Burn is specially designed to do nothing but simulate normal
use for extended periods of time without operator intervention.
Further since more upgrades are being done in the field special
attentions been given to making Micro-Burn more visually attractive
as well as self-explainitory in set-up and removal. This has been done
for those technicians who want the assurances of a `Burned-in'component
before their clients commit valuable data to it but do not want the
added expensive of having to return should the unit pass the `Burn-in'


Micro-Burn self-configures to most systems within the confines given:

Video: Virtually all established video conventions are supported. The
primary factor being tested in the Video Test is of course Video Ram
consequently every consideration has been given to utilizing as much
of the RAM as possible while still keeping the display meaningful and
attractive. The entire memory block is being actively written while
segments are `windowed' out.

HardDrive: Only the Drive/Partition C: is supported so should multiple
partitions be desired they should be implemented after the `Burn-in'
period. This option is available only on the Registered version.

Floppy Drives: Drives A: and B: are supported in both size formats as
well as densities. If more than one drive is detected the operator will
be give the choice of testing either or both drives.

Serial Ports: Both Com1 and Com2 are supported. Micro-Burn will test
both ports if the option is selected and the ports are available. Again
this option is available only on the registered version.

CPU Test: The CPU test essentially `works-out' the CPU's ALU and
general registers. Though it is not graphically possible to present
all of the work being done by the CPU a few mathematical functions
have been brought out to satisfy visual curiosity.


Micro-Burn is designed to be both a tool and marketing device for clone
builders and service technicians and consequently is being offered with
a very liberal reproduction option. For a one time fee of just $ 75.00
the unrestricted version is hard coded with the individual business
name on the bottom of each Micro-Burn screen as well as on the closing
screen. Further special license is given to reproduce, sell and
distribute this copy in any manner the purchaser wishes.

Individual unrestricted copies of Micro-Burn are available for $9.95.
Obviously, the special vendor license does not apply to this purchase.

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