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Test 8087 chip under load.
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Test 8087 chip under load.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

87TEST.EXE tests your 8087 (or 80287) numeric co-processor for accuracy,
ability to handle "stress", and integrity. Fluctuations in temperature
and other factors can affect the numeric co-processor's operations.
Therefore, in order to have confidence in the reliability of your program
results, we suggest that you run 87TEST during boot-up and both before
and after critical applications.

87TEST prints the results of its tests to the screen. When a failure occurs
it also sounds the beeper, to alert you to the problem. If the numeric
co-processor is not installed or is improperly installed, the program will
print a message to the screen saying so.

The program can run in two modes, either single-shot or continuous.
To run it for one pass, type 87TEST
To run it continuously, type 87TEST C
To break out of the 87TEST, hit any key or Ctrl-C.

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