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Identifies cpu type, tests for some bugs.
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Identifies cpu type, tests for some bugs.
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Contents of the CPUINF.DOC file

CPU Information 1.1

I. Legal

CPU Information is Copyright 1994-5 Michal Szokolo. Program is provided as is,
without any warranty of any kind. The entire risk of using it is with you.
Permission is granted to use and distribute CPU Information, except as a part
of package sold for profit.

II. Other

Program takes no parameters and shows some info about your CPU, including test
for some well-known bugs (like POPA[D], P5 FDIV).

III. Source

Source code is available, but messy. If you want it, write to me:
[email protected]
msz@plearn (BITNET)
[email protected]

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