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Log System Use + System Security.
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Log System Use + System Security.
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Contents of the LOG.DOC file

LOG.DOC Description For LOG.EXE By : William L. Mabee, CRNA

Written : 11-Nov-88
Last Revision : 16-Feb-89
Version : 2.6

Released to the public domain for any use except resale.

Your voluntary use of this program implies that you hold the
author harmless in the event of any loss related to the use or
improper use of this program.

The program LOG.EXE was written to address two functions:

1.) Provide an automated log of computer usage.

2.) Provide security limiting access to the system.

LOG.EXE can be invoked with command line swithes. LOG ? or LOG H
will display a list of all commands available. No delimeters are
reqiured and the program only accepts one command line switch.
You may also run LOG from a menu by entering LOG with no switch.

Computer Usage Log

The system will support 8 system users. They are assigned an ID
number from 0 to 7. User Number 0 is the only user who can add,
delete or edit any user records. The first time you run the
program you will be prompted for your name and the password you
want to use. Enter them and choose a password that is unique
but easy for you to remember. Furthermore user 0 has the option
of aborting the logging option when the program is executed
as follows LOG + All other users must LOG their use.

The program stores records in a file that takes the form
LOG1989.DAT Each record is only 16 bytes in size. The program
will automatically create a new anuual LOG file from the system
clock as required.

One other file is created the first time you run the program. It
is called LOGUSER.DAT It is 256 bytes in size. It will contain
the 8 authorized user records. Each of these records is 32 bytes
in size. All of the fields within these records are encrypted.

The LOG created and maintained by this program may be very
helpful in the event you must show the IRS a log of your
machines usage.

To automatcally create a LOG of system use add this as the last
line of your AUTOEXEC.BAT file :


Prior to turning your computer off from the command line enter :


Computer Security

If an incorrect password or user number is entered. The program
executes an endless loop. The only way out of this loop is to
turn the computer off. To insure that only authorized users can
use the system you must install a lock on each floppy or stop
prying eyes from booting from a floppy by some other means.

We do a fair amount of commercial programming and do not allow
contract programmers to insert floppys into our development

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