Dec 162017
Very nice menu program for MacAfee's virus clean/scan. Use mouse and "windows like" menuing options.
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Very nice menu program for MacAfee’s virus clean/scan. Use mouse and “windows like” menuing options.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
README.1ST 2085 865 deflated
VIRUSHEL.DOC 72805 14525 deflated
VIRUSHEL.EXE 45524 44318 deflated
VIRUSHEL.HLP 44501 9968 deflated
VIRUSHEL.REG 6560 1839 deflated
WHATSNEW.DOC 5323 1920 deflated

Download File VIRSH11E.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

ViruShell README.1ST

The archive VIRSH11E.ZIP should contain the following files:

VIRUSHEL.EXE The executable file.
VIRUSHEL.HLP The helpsystem file.
VIRUSHEL.DOC The documentation file.
VIRUSHEL.REG The registration file.
WHATSNEW.DOC Update information
README.1ST This file.

ViruShell has been extensibly tested for virus infections prior
to creating the package. To minimize the risk for infections
the release package has been archived with the authentic
verification option of PKZIP. Repacking of the packed distribution
file is strongly discouraged.

When unpacking the file you should make sure that the screen
resembles the text underneath:

PKUNZIP (R) FAST! Extract Utility Version 1.1 03-15-90
Copr. 1989-1990 PKWARE Inc. All Rights Reserved. PKUNZIP/h for help
PKUNZIP Reg. U.S. Pat. and Tm. Off.

Searching ZIP: VIRSH11E.ZIP
Exploding: README.1ST -AV

Authentic files Verified! # VDL902 NewAge productions

Make sure that the archive is created by NewAge productions
and has the registration code # VDL902.

If the above text don't match the files MAY have been infected
by a virus, I advise you to get a clean copy from a more
reliable source.

Updating from 1.0

The only thing you have to do is copying the new files to your
ViruShell directory and then erase your old setup files. Since
a lot of new parameters has been added, the old setup files is
not compatible with the new ones, and has to be created from
scratch. Issue DEL *.DTP to get rid of the old ones.

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