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TurboC/TASM program that will query a system's configuration, and other useful information. Source is included.
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TurboC/TASM program that will query a system’s configuration, and other useful information. Source is included.
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BIOS.OBJ 7647 3993 deflated
BIOSINFO.H 10051 2509 deflated
COMMENTS.C 1940 468 deflated
COMMENTS.OBJ 2561 1231 deflated
CPU_NDP.C 553 225 deflated
DEVCHAIN.C 1909 683 deflated
DEVCHAIN.OBJ 2386 1388 deflated
DISKLIST.C 9683 2313 deflated
DISKLIST.OBJ 8622 4523 deflated
EQUIPLST.C 1415 490 deflated
FINDSIGN.C 4015 636 deflated
FINDSIGN.OBJ 2010 1138 deflated
GETCPU.ASM 5448 1282 deflated
GETCPU.OBJ 206 193 deflated
KEYBOARD.C 602 259 deflated
KEYBOARD.OBJ 747 582 deflated
MEMORY.H 2805 876 deflated
PCCONFIG.C 2645 913 deflated
PCCONFIG.EXE 84441 44228 deflated
PCCONFIG.LNK 196 119 deflated
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READ.ME 2157 1079 deflated
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VECTORS.C 1508 422 deflated
VIDEO.C 2664 498 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file


1 Jun 90

PCCONFIG is a utility to provide you with various bits of system configuration
information. I undertook this project for two reasons:

1. We had to do an inventory of all of our systems at the office
and I didn't want to have to work too hard to get this info.

2. I had never had an excuse to learn 'C'.

This program provides lots of useful (and some not so useful)
information about your system's configuration. I basically have it
spitting out everything that I could find via software (I am sure that
there is quite a bit more information available, but this is what I
could find as of the date of writing PCCONFIG).

I plan on improving PCCONFIG by adding an interactive (windowed)
interface option, additional information as I figure out how to get it
(if you know of anything that I am not displaying and feel generous,
please drop me a note telling me about it), adding comments explaining what
is going on and giving credit where credit is due and who knows what else.

To completely build PCCONFIG, you need TURBOC (I built it with 2.0, I
don't think there would be a problem using 1.0 or 1.5, but I don't know
for sure) and TASM or MASM. I have included the objects, so that if you
don't have an assembler, you can still modify the C code and then

If you find PCCONFIG useful, I would appreciate your dropping me a note
letting me know. It is not necessary to send a contribution, this is
essentially a beta version, and I don't feel that the user should be
required to pay to test a developer's product, but please do send me
your comments.

I hope you find PCCONFIG to be useful and maybe even educational, good


P.S. Please remember this is my FIRST real program in C so don't laugh
at any blunders you may encounter.

Ken Cline
7111 Dijohn Court Drive
Alexandria, VA 22310-3935

P.P.S. Feel free to use this program, both executable and source formats
in any way you see fit. If you use the source code, I would appreciate
it if you would acknowledge where it came from (I am working on that

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