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Thunderbyte anti-virus system for Windows.
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Thunderbyte anti-virus system for Windows.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

TBAV for Windows features

1) The unregistered evaluation version

The unregistered evaluation version of TBAV for Windows will now allow you
to test TBAV for Windows for six weeks. After that period of time, the
following items will be disabled:

- Creating a scan log file
- Saving the TBAV for Windows configuration
- The virus information
- The built-in scheduler

If you like TBAV for Windows and want to register your evaluation version,
please call your local distributor.

2) About 32-bit file access

As you might know, TBAV for Windows is able to trap file I/O operations.
For example, when you copy an infected file while TBAV for Windows is active,
TBAV for Windows will let you know that this file is infected.

The DOS version of TBAV will be active in every DOS box under Windows. In order
to activate the monitoring of file I/O operations, you should either load
the (resident) TbScanX program before starting Windows, or in a DOS box.
However, the monitoring of file I/O in a DOS box by means of the TbScanX
program will not work correctly if you have 32 bit file access enabled.

The development team of ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus is currently working hard to
find a solution for this problem. For now, we advise you to disable 32 bit
file access. You can do this by means of the Control Panel application
(in the 386-enhanced section), or by starting MS-Windows with the following

WIN /d:c

Note that this problem only occurs when using a DOS box together with
32 bits file access. TBAV for Windows will trap the file I/O activity of all
Windows-based applications, or DOS applications with 16 bits file access.

3) The TbLock program

The TbLock program, which you will find in your TBAV for Windows directory,
can be used to lock your PC when a virus has been active. The TbLock program
is intended to be used in co-operation with TBAV for Networks. In this way,
the network supervisor can lock workstations.

The message displayed by TbLock can be changed by editing the TbLock.Lng file.
Once TbLock has been started, it will only exit to DOS when you press the
TbLock hot-key, viz. .

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