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Virus protection prog.
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Virus protection prog.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

* FICHECK Ver 5.0 *
* MFICHECK Ver 5.0 *

(C)Copyright 1988,1989 Gilmore Systems
P.O. Box 3831, Beverly Hills, CA 90212-0831

Voice: (213) 275-8006 Data: (213) 276-5263

Version 4.0 was reviewed in COMPUTE!'s "COMPUTER VIRUSES" book authored
by Ralph Roberts.

See additional information in COMPUTE!'s new book also by Ralph Roberts,
"Computers and Security".

See why our commercial versions are one of the best selling virus
detection systems around! It not only serves as virus detection but
doubles as a complete file tracking system!

Although we can't disclose actual names, some of our vast customer base
include major banks, military installations, aerospace companies,
insurance companies, universities, hospitals, security companies,
information services, auto companies, software houses and many overseas
installations to name a few!

FICHECK/MFICHECK are evaluation versions. The commercial versions are
XFICHECK (or super eXtended File Integrity Check), and PFICHECK (or
Professional File Integrity Check).

These are evaluation copies only. You are invited to try these programs
for 30 days to get a feel for the quality you'll be getting when you
order one of the commercial versions. The prices are only $15 for
XFICHECK, or only $20 for PFICHECK.

Welcome to the all new (version 5.0) of our File Integrity Checking
System! If you're new to FICHECK/MFICHECK, simply turn on your printer
and enter the following on the DOS command line:


This will print the documentation for version 5.0 of FICHECK/MFICHECK on
your printer. 22 pages will be printed - you'll need 23 pages available
since a form feed is the first character sent to the printer.



If you've used a previous version of FICHECK/MFICHECK:

You'll still need to print and read the documentation - it's been
revised, and new features have been added!

Version 5.0 of FICHECK/MFICHECK is upward compatible with version 4.0 of
FICHECK/MFICHECK - this means you won't have to re-create any of your
old logs unless you want the new features.

New features since version 4.x:

These versions now log and optionally check or print the interrupt
vector addresses.

When Using your older, version 4.x logs with this version (5.0), it will
act just like version 4.x except that you'll get a message on the report
stating that "Interrupt report is not possible" (when requesting the
Interrupt Vector Report). This message is normal when used with 4.x
logs, and will disappear when you re-create logs with version 5.0 (which
will also activate the new features).

Fixes from version 4.x:

Added files were not reported during 'C' (check processing) when they
were in the very last subdirectory of your disk - this has been
corrected in version 5.0.


A fourth help screen has been added when you start FICHECK/MFICHECK with
the "/help" option.



Up to 540 directories per logical drive
Up to 540 files per directory (no limit on files per logical drive)



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