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Complete system map of PC low memory useage.
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Complete system map of PC low memory useage.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LOWMEM.COM 6273 5837 deflated
LOWMEM.DOC 732 424 deflated
LOWMEM.TXT 32959 4341 deflated

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Contents of the LOWMEM.DOC file

The material edited into LOWMEM.TXT was released into the public domain
in 1988 by Michael L. Mohle (Princeton-Galax Systems) in 1988, who gathered
it all together from various sources.

My contribution is modest and can be easily assessed by comparing this
version with the original one, which can be found for example on ROSE
MEDIA in the file LOWMEM.ZIP.

The .com file was compiled as follows:

doc2com lowmem.txt /e

using the readily available utilities DOC2COM.COM and PKLITE.EXE.
This package is also freely realeased into the public domain.

Luigi Bianchi January 12, 1991 CompuServe 72960,3723

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