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A menu interface for CLEAN and SCAN by McAfee. Newly updated for Version 102.

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The Virus Terminus 4.8b: Menu / Front End for
McAfee's SCAN, CLEAN,VALIDATE; browse through
virus info.sheets;use with keyboard or mouse;
report file management; heads-up SCAN / CLEAN
option selection; screen saver; Immunization
and Recovery options supported ; includes
optional support for SCAN/CLEAN activity log;
Update:3/08/93 S.T.Calise

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Category System Diagnostics
A menu interface for CLEAN and SCAN by McAfee. Newly updated for Version 102.
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Contents of the README48.TXT file


Copyright 1990-1993 By S.T.CALISE

* All Rights Reserved *

STC BBS: 908-206-1386


1. Added further point and shoot capability to the default table area.

2. Updated VTEC48B for VIRUSCAN and CLEAN 9.14v102

3. Revised this documentation file to print properly on most types of
printers. Also revised for additions and deletions.

4. Eliminated support for the /SP and /FR option switches. These are no
longer available with VIRUSCAN and CLEAN 9.12v100. Support is now given
to the MCAFEE.MSG language support file system.

5. Added support for /HISTORY option. This option creates an activity log
which keeps track of SCAN/CLEAN times, dates, options used, etc. The
user should note that it is not currently possible to have both
REPORTS and ACTIVITY log on at the same time. The name and location
of the activity log may be specified in the Terminus default table.
The log may be turned ON/OFF from the default table.

6. Increased logical drive support from A .. I to A .. Z

Corrections and additions made to version #48B vs. #48A release

7. Added sort by name to file selection displays.

8. Added drive #b selection denial on single floppy systems when pressing
CTRL + Drive Letter for others.

9. Fixed failure to view report files. Only Log file view worked.

10. Added PRINT LOG FILE to reports submenu.

11. Secured limitation of drive selection when using /L startup. Added
trap to CTRL + Drive Letter input routine for denials.

12. VTEC configuration table operation changed. Table entry #1 is
no longer modifiable - it is set at program start-up. Certain table
entries are initialized to UNDEFINED!. User MUST CHANGE all UNDEFINED!
table entries. Failure to do so will result in access to certain
program functions being denied. Users should also note that startup
self-test and floppy lock will not function until full configuration
has taken place and vt48b.cfg has been successfully saved.

Trademarks of other companies mentioned in
this program,help file and/or accompanying
documentation appear strictly for
identification purposes only and are the
property of their respective companies.

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