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See info about your BIOS.
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See info about your BIOS.
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ID.COM 504 236 deflated
PC-IDENT.COM 11178 3056 deflated
PC-INFO.COM 16212 6129 deflated
PC-INFO.DOC 10048 3913 deflated
READ.ME 3195 1411 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Dear PC-INFO user:

As many of you are aware, it is my policy to furnish the users of
PC-INFO who spent the time and effort to contact me directly with
a personal copy of new releases. PC-INFO, Version 1.69 has just
been released for limited distribution. Tandy 1000 & 3000 series,
the Tandy 1400LT laptop, and their 80386 equipped 4000 as well as
Data General/1, AST Premium 286/386, and some PC Limited machines
are now recognized and correctly identified. In addition, PC-INFO
now recognizes and correctly identifies the IBM XT/286 as well as
the PS/2 Models 30,50,60 and 80 and the newly released '386 based
machine from AT&T, the 6386 WGS. Descriptions of the 3 1/2" disk
drives have been revised to display both the nominal 720K & 1.4Mb
capacity. The descriptions of 5 1/4" disk drives have also been
improved. PC-INFO now recognizes and identifies Intel 80387 math
chips. In addition, those machines having the letters IBM in ROM,
or not specifically identified by manufacturer, but which have an
AWARD, American Megatrend (AMI), ERSO or Phoenix BIOS will be now
identified by PC-INFO as IBM compatibles. The recognition of RAM
disks created by various device drivers has been improved so that
they are no longer identified as 3 1/2" or 5 1/4" floppy drives.

Machines with a single floppy drive now have this drive's results
displayed on screen 2. Machines with one floppy and a combination
of fixed and RAM disks will show the floppy on screen 2 when that
is the default drive only. I haven't been able to figure out how
to suppress the DOS message 'Insert Disk B in Drive A...' in this

The program used to report the machine code (in hex), ID.COM, has
been replaced by PC-IDENT.COM. This program locates and displays
ascii character strings found in ROM which match certain criteria
as to character arrangements. These strings are used to identify
the manufacturer and model of the computer being tested.

Enjoy the software and keep in touch!

Programs included in this distribution:
1. PC-INFO.COM executable code for PC-INFO, Version 1.69
2. PC-INFO.DOC documentation/information about PC-INFO
3. PC-IDENT.COM executable code for PC-IDENT, Version 1.22
4. READ.ME this file
5. ID.COM simplified version of PC-IDENT for use on
systems on which PC-IDENT does not run
6. INFO-169.EXE self unpacking archive containing all of
the above files. To run, which creates
the four files, enter: INFO-169

Max S. Robin
P.O. Box 289
Denville, NJ


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