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Checks all files on a drive for viruses.
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Checks all files on a drive for viruses.
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VIRUSCAN Version 0.2V18

From: McAfee Associates 408 988 3832

VIRUSCAN scans diskettes or entire systems and identifies any
pre-existing PC virus infection. VIRUSCAN will indicate the
specific files or system areas that are infected and will identify
the virus strain which has caused the infection. Removal can then
be done manually or, if the infection is widespread, automatic
removal utilities are available which can disinfect each virus
VIRUSCAN version 0.2V18 can identify 18 major virus strains
and numerous sub-varieties for each strain. The 18 viruses include
the nine most common viruses which account for over 90% of all
reported PC infections. These common viruses include:

- Pakistani Brain
- Jerusalem
- Alameda
- Cascade (1701/1704)
- Ping Pong
- Stoned
- Lehigh
- Den Zuk
- Datacrime (1280/1168)

New viruses are being created every month, and VIRUSCAN will
continue to be updated frequently to keep up with the growing
threat. VIRUSCAN is distributed as shareware and may be licensed
for $15. If you register for the program, you will receive notice
of upgrades which are available at two-thirds of the initial
registration price. Registered users may also request infection
assistance at no cost, and access to removal and disinfectant
utilities will be made available. To register, send $20 with your
name, address and phone number to:

McAfee Associates
4423 Cheeney Street
Santa Clara, CA 95054
408 988 3832

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