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LockOut. Prevent access to your HD unless proper password is used.
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LockOut. Prevent access to your HD unless proper password is used.
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Contents of the README file

Lock-Out v1.0
Copyright 1992 Douglas Scott

Is anyone using your computer while your not around? How can you tell? With
a unsecured hard drive, anyone could access your confidential files, change
configurations, delete information and copy programs and data all without you

Now you can stop them in there tracks! Installing Lock-Out will prevent even
the most determined violator. Even if they boot-up your computer from A:
drive, your hard drive is still safe! Installation & using Lock-out is a snap.

Lock-Out is distributed as Shareware 'try before you buy' basis. If you find
this software useful after a fair trial period and wish to continue using it,
you may purchase a registered copy of the newest version.

To register, send $20 for 5.25" / $21 for 3.5" plus S&H USA $1.50 / Canada $2
and Order Form to: Douglas Scott, PO Box 11083, Indianapolis, IN 46201-0083

There are 4 files on this disk; LOCKOUT.EXE, LOCKOUT.DOC, INVOICE.DOC, README.
To print the 10 page user manual, type 'COPY LOCKOUT.DOC PRN' and press enter.

Your comments, suggestions and registration are appreciated! 5-92

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