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Free Resources at a glance, cute utility to display text-based graphs of the amount of free memory and disk space available.

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b y M a x N a m

Free resources at a glance.

Shows the amount of free space on HD
and in conventional memory using text
based graphs and special video effects.
S h a r e w a r e

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Free Resources at a glance, cute utility to display text-based graphs of the amount of free memory and disk space available.
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b y M a x N a m

S h a r e w a r e V e r s i o n

[]Program Annotation.

[ ]Release History.

[ ]Upgrading and Registration.

P r o g r a m A n n o t a t i o n

What is this all about ???

First, about me: my name is Max Nam, I'm 18 years old, student
of Montgomery College, in Computer Science Field. My
programming experience includes two years of programming in
C/C++ and 1 year of Basic. Currently, I'm teaching myself
Pascal and Assembly language, just for fun of it.

Well, to make a short story long, one stormy evening, after
watching Star Trek, I've approached my computer with one
strange thought in my head... I remember I was thinking of how
versatile was the computer on Enterprise... "Why can't be my
computer more intelligent?" - I though to myself, and,
accidently I've typed DIR, simply to find out how much space I
had... I got stuck searching for the information... the next
thing I remember I was rapidly writing some program to show
that in graph... and that is how the idea of 'Free' was born.

The Definition of 'Free':

Free is a simple program to show the amount of free
resources the machine has in easy-to-understand layout,
using text-based charts and special video effects.

Free v2.0

R e l e a s e H i s t o r y

What's new ?

This release

26 Initial release, 1.0a

29 Completely rewritten, added some interface
things, but mostly internal changes

30 1.1 release : added some nice UI things,
fixes some bugs.

16 2.0 release: a lot of things changed,
the major additions are :
Memory Indicator
Real-time clock
Drive Volume
'Space' functions as 'Enter' on
Documentation rewritten
a) Appearance fixed
More accurate information
17 2.1 Bug fix release
Help screen and response changed
More uncluttered appearance
Bug with huge HDs fixed
Memory indicator fixed
'Space' acts as a screen
On 'Esc' cursor is moved to
the bottom of the screen, so
the prompt would not be lost in
Free's leaves.(special thanks
to Ilya Goldin)

U p g r a d i n g & R e g i s t r a t i o n

Do I have to pay ???

No, You don't HAVE to. However, any donation would be
greatly appreciated. The contribution doesn't have to be of
monetary type; whatever you want to contribute for such
a nice piece of shareware... would do fine.

However, if you would like to become a registered user, the
registration fee of $5.00 is required. Registered users get
the following privileges :
Three upgrades for free.
Free tech support from the author.
Source code and a condensed version of NViews UI
library can be requested
Making suggestions on improvement of the program
directly over the phone

Anyway, what I'm trying to say here is that if you find the
program useful, or interested in the code, or simply
appreciate the sleepless nights of the author, consider sending
a donation to the address below.

My phone number : (301) 990-1528 [ ask for Max ]
My fax number : (301) 670-9782 [ Attn: Max Nam ]

and, if you prefer to express yourself in creative
writing, my address :

18245 Lost Knife Circle, #102
Gaithersburg, MD, 20879, USA

... and thank you for using Free!

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