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Checks boot records during initial boot for "virus".
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Category System Diagnostics
Checks boot records during initial boot for “virus”.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Virus Check (VC.COM) - Ver 1.01
A Shareware Program By Craig Veal

See VC.DOC for more information.

I initially developed this program (VC.COM) for my own personal use and the
rights to it is my sole property. However, permission is granted for your

VC may not be used in any COMMERCIAL environment without my written consent.

To use VC in a commercial environment, send a self-addressed stamped envelope
to me and I'll authorize you to use VC in a commercial environment at no cost
to you (other than the stamps and the envelope).

This program may be freely exchanged PROVIDED no one makes any money from it
(other than myself). In fact, I encourage you to share it with others!

Craig D. Veal
4734B Jacksonville Lane
Andrews AFB MD 20335
Phone 301-599-1071

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