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Execellent Backup Utility! Better than 'FastBack'.
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Execellent Backup Utility! Better than ‘FastBack’.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Overland Data is happy to provide you FLASHBAK.

Flashbak is a MSDOS-PCDOS backup, file management, utility
designed for fast intuitive use. This version is designed
to be a useful, fast, floppy based backup of hard disk systems.
All backup is done from hard disk (drive C:, D:, etc) to and from
floppy drive A: Standard DSDD disks are used (formatted or unformatted).
This program is NOT designed to backup files from floppy to floppy.

The entire directory tree structure of the hard disk is displayed
allowing the user to browse through directorys and files. This
easy approach to backup file selection simplifies and encourages
frequent backup.

The restore process is virtually identical with the backup process
simplifing usage.

Flashbak(TM) was originally developed as a tape based backup
utility for 9 track tape. We felt putting a floppy front end
on it would provide a service to the large number of people
who need to backup smallish amounts of data where floppies would
be adequate.

Flashbak is a shareware type program. Please feel free to
distribute copies to friends, upload to bulletin boards, etc.
The only requirement is that the program not be altered in
any way. If you find it useful we ask you to send $19.95 to

Overland Data, Inc.
5644 Kearny Mesa Rd. A
San Diego, Ca. 92111

Phone 619-571-5555

The latest version is available with manual for $19.95

This Program remains property of Overland Data and may not
be included or incorporated into any commercial product without
the written consent of Overland Data, Inc.

DISCLAIMER (to keep our lawyers happy)
Overland Data makes no warranties, its usefulness shall be
entirely determined by the user. The user takes full responsibility
for use of Flashbak.

We welcome feedback and suggestions on Flashbak.

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